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No more grading numerous quizzes and tests by hand. No more bringing a number 2 pencil to the test. The days of scantron sheets are over. Online assessments allows teachers the ability to grade quickly and easily. Data is compiled into a Google Sheet that can help drive future instruction.

A few options that are all free:

  1. Kahoot- Make assessments fun! Students compete against one another. Students that get the answer correct and answer quickly receive more points.

  2. Google Forms- often used as a survey, but can be used to do much more. Create a Google Form instead of a quiz or test. Add Flubaroo to Chrome in the Web Store and easily grade assessments.

  3. Google Classroom Question- new feature. Allows you to add discussion questions to the Google Classroom Stream.

  4. Socrative- 4 different options within. Take a traditional quiz, poll for a question response with quick question, compete in small groups with Space Race, or use Exit Ticket to measure student comprehension.

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