A Novel EI Reading Experience for Adolescents: JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL by Richard Bach

A Novel EI Reading Experience for Adolescents: JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL by Richard Bach This is a story about Emotional Intelligence, character formation, values clarification, and conflict resolution. Jonathan Livingston Seagull (JLS) can be described as an experimenter, thinker, searcher, observer, non–conformist, even a renaissance bird. The book is all about character, identity, learning, knowledge, searching, […]

Fine Motor Skills: What Are They & Why Are They Too Important to Ignore?

The development of fine motor skills are often a casualty of the rush to get young children up to academic speed. In this segment our guests explain why fine motor skills are a critical building block for higher learning and should never, never, be overlooked.   To Read:   Mighty Fine Motor Fun: Fine Motor Activities […]

The Reading-Writing and Writing-Reading Connections: Two Ways To Get There

The Reading-Writing and Writing-Reading Connections: Two Ways To Get There Overview Experiences, Reflections, and Insights, geared to grades 3 to 6 for struggling, reluctant, and average readers/learners, is an original education project that develops mind, self, and imagination. One key step to learning about any world is to know our selves first. Education’s foundation lies […]

Tell Me Again, Why Are We Arguing About Professionalism?

Why is professionalism such a controversial subject among educators? Why is there a raging debate about whether some sectors of the education community qualify as professionals? What does professionalism really mean in the education field and, in practical terms, what does all of this mean to you on the front lines?   To Read:     […]

Improving Teacher Preparation in 2012

Debates over how to improve teacher preparation have been central to the education reform conversation over the past several years. Researchers, reformers and stakeholders called for a number of exciting, yet sometimes contradictory ideas: improving coursework on child development; moving to a model that includes more meaningful practice for prospective teachers in diverse classroom settings; holding teacher prep […]

Music in the Classroom

Recent Discovery Music is the perfect stimulus for triggering either raw or complex emotions. First, as you might expect, while novel music can be fun, you’ll get the highest emotional response from playing music which is familiar to your students (Pereira et al., 2011). Typically, the familiar songs evoke strong positive memories. This suggests if […]

5 Proven Tips for Teaching Children with Attention Deficit Problems

There are reports that ADHD in children is on the rise. But are we seeing a growing epidemic of ADHD or simply an increase in labeling children with the affliction?  Our guests give us some insight into what is transpiring and offer specific tips for teaching children thought to have ADHD.   To Read:   […]

The Snowy Day’s 50th Birthday

The Snowy Day: Teaching Art, Teaching Tolerance 2012-01-02 I am breathless with excitement! The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats, is fifty years old, and a commemorative edition is out. I’ve already ordered it after reading about it in the Washington Post Style section today. I was ten when book came out and felt that I was […]

Pink Toys, Blue Toys

When I was a child, lo these many moons ago, gender identity was fixed and well-policed by cultural mores and taboos. As a young girl I preferred my brother’s doctor kit to the nurse kit Santa brought me, but my mother patiently explained that I was a girl, my brother was a boy, and we […]

Silent Reading

Silent Reading Directions: Read the passage and focus on your silent reading experience. What happens inside your mind, imagination, and perception while reading silently? (Optional: Read the passage out loud to yourself and see what happens mentally and emotionally.) Paul walked into the room and a thousand eyes met his, causing him to look all […]