Is Teaching Keyboarding to Kindergartners Developmentally Appropriate?

Many argue that teaching penmanship is a thing of the past, but at what age should children be taught to use a computer keyboard? Some are starting as early as kindergarten, but is it developmentally appropriate?  We turn to a panel of experts for guidance on when to start teaching children to hunt and peck […]

Victims of Excellence: Teaching Children to Learn from Mistakes, Parents to Allow Them

  Learning from mistakes is one of those notions that is easier said than done.  In fact, the way teachers and parents react when children make mistakes says volumes to young children and can impact them for the rest of their lives. Our guests share insights on encouraging a willingness to make mistakes and to […]

Helping Parents Develop Appropriate Expectations for Their Children

    These days many parents want their children to have “advanced” academic skills. Too often these expectations are developmentally inappropriate. In this segment our guests provide guidance to teachers on how to manage inappropriate expectations from parents.       Here are a few of their suggestions:   Get parents more involved in the […]

Teaching Kids to Think Critically in the Age of Accountability

Many believe that we are seeing a critical absence among students of the ability to think critically. Some blame it on the emphasis on standardized testing; others see it as a weakness in critical-thinking skills even among adults. Our guests offer tips on how to work critical thinking into our teaching as early as possible. […]

Fitting Fitness into the Curriculum

Experts and advocates recommend at least 1 to 2 hours a day of physical activity for children. But how do you fit it into your daily program, when there’s  so much else for you to do? And what kind of physical activity should it be? Tune in; our experts have the answers.       […]

Managing Teacher Stress: Increase the Positive, Decrease the Negative

Many people wonder why teachers – especially early childhood teachers – would be stressed. But, often, even the teachers wonder why they are feeling stressed, when education is a field they entered out of love. There are good reasons for those feelings and solutions to getting past them. Tune in here to learn more.   […]

What is wrong with this picture?

All across the country, education is under attack on numerous fronts. No matter where you look, educators are to blame for the economic woes in many states. This is extremely puzzling to me, as it is well known that this downturn in our economy was a result of misguided, unregulated, or greedy practices of the […]

Teaching Beyond the Test

In an era of high-stakes accountability and standardized testing, is there room for teaching beyond the test? You bet, say our guests, and here’s how to do it without losing your job.     According to my guests, here’s what the research shows about teaching to the test: Classes heavily focused on test prep are not […]

Emotional Literacy: Reading people as well as we read books

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to “read people as well as we read books”.  In “reading” ourselves and others, we use emotional literacy to bring out the best in everyone. Even the most upset parent can be uplifted by compassionate, emotionally intelligent action. In a word, emotional intelligence means RESPECT. Fully 80% of our […]

Stressed-Out Kids, Parents, Teachers: How to Cope

Not all stress is to be avoided. According to our guests there are three different types of stress: positive stress, tolerable stress, and toxic stress.  Teachers need to be able to distinguish the different types and the symptoms of stress in children to help them manage stress effectively.   One proven way to help children manage their […]