Raise Your Hand If You Want to be a Teacher! What… Nobody?

Today, a great number of our Indiana teachers are headed to the Statehouse in Indianapolis for the Red for Ed Action Day to rally for a livable wage, a say in the types of professional development that is required for licensure renewal, and an end to the tie between their compensation and standardized test results. […]

The Wall

As we moved closer to Veterans Day, I began to realize that very few of my seventh graders had any inkling of the importance of the holiday. We read a few articles and watched a few videos, but World War I, President Wilson, and armistice were foreign topics for these children of the new millennium. […]

Celebrate Art and Craft of Teaching, Thoughts to Inspire You!

Art and Craft of Teaching

November is #GratitudeMonth. We are grateful to be together in this month of Thanks, as colleagues and friends. Tonight we are all about teaching. Teaching at its innermost core of goodness and joy.  Teaching as inspiration for generations of children in our care. No matter what obstacles, we are blessed. Let the change be, just […]

A Teachable Moment: Why 49% of Vets Wish You Would Stop Saying, “Thank You For Your Service”

Last Veteran’s Day, in a room of 3,000 people, my daughter goaded me to stand up and be recognized.  “Dad you’re a veteran, why aren’t you standing?”  I had no answer at the moment,  but now I do. The headline in Newsweek read: VETERANS ‘UNCOMFORTABLE’ WITH ‘THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE…’   The word “uncomfortable” […]

This Is a School That Trust Built


Schools are microcosms of our society. They reflect what we are, like it or not.  Schools are also places where children and adults have the ability to connect and support each other on their life’s journey.  Within these schools, we’ve talked about the importance of building capacity and emphasizing academics as ways to improve the […]

Give Toddlers Developmentally Appropriate Programs

In a college student’s observation of toddler child care, a teacher is described as making toddlers sit still on mats. The fifteen-month old little boy in the circle keeps taking his mat out from under his bottom and playing with it. His teacher insists he use his mat appropriately, saying, “No, no, no. We put […]


2 a.m. Awake…again…anxiety… I have no clue what I am going to do in class today. Yesterday was a disastrous mess. The kids were off the wall. The lesson went right over their heads. Thank God, I wasn’t observed. I toss and turn and sneak a peek at the alarm clock. Only five minutes have […]

Bargaining For Common Good: Chicago Teachers’ Strike

Getting to Yes. That’s what it takes. Saturday, an autumn day of falling leaves, football, Halloween parties and pumpkin patches. Hopefully you have power on, are safe, warm, and enjoying your weekend. However, in Chicago, teachers and city officials are meeting as I write, to possibly close the deal, ending traumatic negotiations, missed classes and […]

Spend More Time Planting Seeds and Less Time Measuring Vines

It’s only natural. We want to know how well we’re doing. If what we are saying or writing or creating is making any sense—if it is resonating with others. We often go about this by counting downloads, likes, retweets, shares, etc. This is okay up to a certain point. But after a while, it can […]


There are those days when I leave my classroom thoroughly exhausted. The fatigue is real…and is so much more strongly felt as I age in this profession! All day long, I am “on” – asking questions, answering questions, making decisions, redirecting student behavior, grading, planning – spinning a million plates all at once. As I […]

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