Happy New Year and Decade, 2020 Love!

What the world needs now is love! Thanks, Santa, I have the best present ever. Did Elf tell you? Happy New Year 2020, May this year be a love fest for everybody, everywhere. I know we can heal the world with love, optimism and joy! My last decade started with final years of my beloved […]

The One Big Lesson We (Hopefully) All Learned in 2019

  Have you ever been scammed, hoodwinked, or bamboozled? If you have, the good news is that beyond the loss, embarrassment, and pain, there’s a valuable upside to being exploited – especially at an early age. I’m reminded of a vulnerable student who was victimized at age eight. He was clowning in class, and his […]

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

It all starts with Santa. Simple as that. Getting ready for Santa means embracing our inner child, remembering simpler times with eyes glowing in anticipation. For this moment, let’s savor bliss such as looking at colorful outdoor lights, wearing silly sweaters, reading a treasured book, listening to seasonal music, baking, enjoying those and so many […]

Feliz Navidad! Tex-Mex, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Armando’s Story, may our joyous hearts savor a fine tale. Sweeter than sweet! Dulces and regalos (gifts) too! Have a grand time reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. This super fun Tex -Mex version, was Armando’s Story, told to us December 24, 2003, on a snowy night in our historic cabin house, past Placerville, California, in […]

Filled with Great Thanksgiving

There was not enough counter space for all the food brought in for the staff Thanksgiving luncheon. So, the many delicacies were transported to the library and displayed atop the smaller bookcases and a few central tables. Turkeys and hams covered one bookcase. On another, a fine display of casseroles and salads were arranged. A […]

Everything for All

At the end of the last day before Thanksgiving Break, as I shuffled the kids out of the classroom, “Kevin” turned around and said to me, “I want to switch homerooms. I don’t like this class.” He paused and then he added, “And I don’t like you.” I locked up my door thinking, “Well, that […]

Giving Thanks for a Life Well Lived!

Thanksgiving Musings. Seasonal transitions, blending one into another, with mirroring inside and outside. Thanksgiving tiptoes in, closer now. Seems like everywhere we go people are rushing to get somewhere else. A time of laughter, tears, frustration, maybe a cold or two. Kids already writing to santa while pumpkins are still sitting on porches. Christmas lights […]

If You’re Wondering What Mindfulness Is Really About

If You're Wondering What Mindfulness Is Really About

Mindfulness is really about love. Love and creativity. I know these are foolish, simple words for me to say these days, but sometimes it’s the oldest, most overused picture book in the library that speaks the truth, generation after generation. When we choose the practice of mindfulness coupled with a daily, contemplative discipline like meditation, […]

Raise Your Hand If You Want to be a Teacher! What… Nobody?

Today, a great number of our Indiana teachers are headed to the Statehouse in Indianapolis for the Red for Ed Action Day to rally for a livable wage, a say in the types of professional development that is required for licensure renewal, and an end to the tie between their compensation and standardized test results. […]

The Wall

As we moved closer to Veterans Day, I began to realize that very few of my seventh graders had any inkling of the importance of the holiday. We read a few articles and watched a few videos, but World War I, President Wilson, and armistice were foreign topics for these children of the new millennium. […]