Partnerships: The Sky is the Limit

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Hopefullyin your educationalcareer,you have heard ofpartnershipswith some type of group. It can be as local as a store in town and as international as afor-profitbusiness. Regardless of whom it’s with, the goal of the partnership should be beneficial to the learners you serve.

Note: this is not that “shared-partnership” nonsense. If a Board President ever contacts you with that concept, contact the board attorney immediately.

While I have been fortunate enough to see many partnerships, I’m always a fan of seeing state organizations partnering in schools. Recently,Liberty Science Centerhas agreed to come to my current district to “push in” a series of science lessons, experiments, and curriculum. Better yet – we might be having Camden County College pick up the tab. Why is this great? Two reasons; every district loves the word free, and it’s great for our students who never get the chance to get there. We are about 45 minutes from Philadelphia; not to knock any Philly museums, but this is the go-to spot for most in our area. Having additional exposure tootherprogramming is really nice.

The second partnership is withMontclair State Universityand their gifted and talented program. MSU is working hard to inject their courses, programming, and activities into all schools, not just local. Again, students getting exposure from other external opportunities? Fantastic!

Don’t think it can’t be done where you work? Start exploring options. Most places would be more than willing, and it won’t break the bank either. Poke around and see what’s out there – your students will thank you.

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