Prompts to Pump Up Creativity and Imagination

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Check out a few prompts about creativity and imagination. Use these “sparks” to trigger that “self-amusement park” of the mind to see where they all lead. As you read the prompts, use brainstorming, “picture-storming” (visualize one image-after-another), and “word-storming” (crank out one word-after-another) to get into my original statements, “equations,” and quoatations about two vital learning and life processes/skills. Apply the storming processes to conjure up thoughts, ideas, meanings, feelings, mind-pictures (images), words, and connected real-life experiences in your head. Enjoy some fun and creative self-entertainment with these “pumper-uppers,” first, with yourself to see what they produce, and then use with your students to motivate discussion.






5. “A creative imagination means ‘staying alive, staying alive, staying alive…'”

6. “Creativity: making up something from nothing.”

7. “Creating means letting go…”

8. “Creativity is all detours, side-journeys, and digressions.”

9. “Creating is really simple: just make up stuff and have fun with your thoughts and feelings.

10. “Curious, George? Go Creative…”

11. “The courage to create…is the courage to be…”


1. “Are you your imagination?”

2. “Is your imagination real?”

3. “Are there limits to the imagination? Answer: Think about the limits of outer space…”

4. “To live in reality you need an imagination.”

5. “Imagine that: Put an idea in your imagination. Wait for a picture to appear: so where are you now and how do you feel?”

6. “Think in mental image pictures and you will see ‘all the pretty horses.'”

7. “Here’s a brush: now paint a picture inside your imagination and describe it in words.”

8. “Draw and dream inside your imagination.”

9. “Did you ever see golden apples in your mind? Now you have…”

10. “Can you visualize the ‘tree’ I’m looking at right now?”

11. “Drop a dove inside your imagination and see where it goes…Can you see it flying around in your head?”

12. “Put butter on your corn, add a little salt, and chomp away, baby: How good was that?”

13. “Absurd ideas live in your imagination, so why not use them to start your story or poem?”

14. “Look up and watch the clouds floating by to imagine, daydream, and fantasize all day long.”

15. “Get into this: The feeling of inner peace…and world peace…”

16. “Think about it: I imagine my heart: I see hearts, hearts, hearts…”

17. “Look with your imagination and see the world new everyday and everywhere.”

18. “Visualize this: If you lived in an upside-down world, where would your head be at?”

19. “Your imagination lives in the past, present, and future: where is yours now? Prove it.”

20. “Where do your ideas come from?”

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