Screencasts in Google Classroom


This year I have been creating my own screencasts using Screencastify, the free Chrome extenstion available on the Chrome Web Store. Unfortuntately, my screencasts would not play for me or my students in Google Classroom, until today.

How to Have a Screencast Play in Google Classroom:

1. Record and name your screencast

2. Create a new Google Doc

3. Insert an image in your Google Doc

4. Locate your screencast in your Google Drive

5. Get a sharable link for your screencast (make sure link sharing is on)

6. Go back to the Google Doc you created that you inserted an image in

7. Click on image

8. Hit Control + K to create a hyperlink

9. Hit Control + V to paste your link

10. Insert your Google Doc into your Google Classroom

Screencasts can be used to flip a lesson, become part of your blended learning classroom, have students share their thinking, or anything else you can think of. And now they can be viewed in Google Classroom.

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