Some Brain-Operating Principles

No two brains are alike, not even  the brains of identical twins!

Brains change based on experience

Experience is a participatory sport for the brain.  It is what you do, see, touch and I interact with that is important brain building events.

Brain processes many different kinds of information at the same time which is why you can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Negative thoughts are just that thoughts. Our brains have the capacity to make thoughts reality so the more positive and up beat we keep our brains, the more likely we are to have those kinds of outcomes.

Brains like to think if the challenge is high and the opportunity for success is real, otherwise why bother.

Meaning makes brains work better. Meaningless tasks without  a brain-related context  dulls the brain’s ability to perform.

Novelty, music, scents, and color  are positive ways to motivate brains to attend to events.

Stress, threats and trauma triggers biological systems that cases the brains’ learning areas to be less efficient in storing  and retrieving information.

Standardized curriculum, parenting and teaching strategies.

may not work for individual brains.

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