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OPTION 2: SPONSORED CONTENT – Branded, short features embedded in BAM Radio hosted shows.

This is a proven program for reaching your target audience through short, relevant “sponsored by” features. These custom-produced features are embedded in highly-targeted radio shows on BAM Radio Network that are popular with your target audience. Each “featured package” is created to seamlessly integrate with the content of the radio show, engage your target audience, build or expand your brand awareness, and drive traffic to your web site through relevant offers.

You Get:

  • A professionally produced, 45-60 second package of branded featured content
  • Your featured content embedded in highly targeted and popular radio shows
  • Direct links to your web site provided in media player
  • Distribution on the BAM Radio Network
  • Promotion to BAM Radio’s social network
  • Syndication on iTunes
  • Promotion through RSS Feeds
  • Daily and monthly performance stats
  • Shows archived and searchable indefinitely


  • Frequency can be monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or daily
  • Campaigns can focus on driving traffic, brand building or both

Contact us to learn more. [email protected]; 818-334-4322

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