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When my kids were younger, I loved hiding those Kinder Surprise easter eggs all over the house. My daughter searched because she loved the yummy outside of those eggs. She must take after her mom, because chocolate was motivating! My sons, however, were more motivated by the toy inside. Theycouldn’t care less about the chocolate cover, but were eager to see the treasure inside. No matter their motivation, they allloved the hunt!

When it comes to reading, our students are like that, too. They all have different tastes. Some are motivated to read, while others need plenty of encouragement to even open a book! Some love to solve a good mystery, while others like to learn about historical events as they journey with the characters through the pages of a great novel. Some prefer books that make them laugh, but others want to learn new facts about the world around them. Then there are the students who just want to get lost in a world that is nothing like our own.

As a teacher, I want to motivate my young readers to read, read, read! I also want to teach them that books are as different as people. It’s my goal to help them to learn about and explore the different reading genres. That’s why I created the SPRING READING QUEST. Kids of all ages love a good treasure hunt. A treasure hunt is a motivating way for me to teach my students about reading genres, help them explore their reading tastes, and interact with real authors! They love it!

In the READING QUEST students, can explore many genres to find those books that are perfectly suited to their reading taste. The quest is easy. It lets them explore different reading genres by clicking on buttons. It’s like a “choose your own adventure.” Through thequest, students are led to find a whole “treasure store” of exciting new books to read! Furthermore, if they leave comments for the authors, the authors will answer their questions.

Better yet, there are prizes to be won! The authors I work with in the quest want to help motivate kids to read, so they’ve decided to sponsor a raffle and award many lucky winners with free books! There are oodles up for grabs. To add a little more fun to the hunt, there’s also a MYSTERY GRAND PRIZE for anyone who can find all the letters in the quest, and put them together to solve the MYSTERY MESSAGE. They can work together in small groups, as a whole class or as individuals, then enter the message to become eligible for the grand prize.

This quest is designed for students grade 4 and up, with many of the books being suitable for middle graders. Do you think your students, would love a good treasure hunt? Then check out the Ultimate Reading Quest as a way to motivate your young students.

I welcome feedback from teachers, too, as I will be trying to add more titles to the Quest for summer reading. Your suggestions as educators would be a great help.

If you’d like to explore The Reading Quest, click on this logo.b2ap3_thumbnail_URQ-Poster3.png

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