Students View Themselves from a Teachers Perspective


It’s easy for a person to see the world through their own eyes, but to be able to evaluate the world from a different perspective, allows them to better understand the world. Being able to analyze different perspectives is an important critical thinking skill.

We watched a YouTube video titled: If teachers acted like students. In this video, as the title suggests, teachers act as students recreating the behaviors they find most annoying from students.

My students were asked to analyze the video from the teachers’ perspectives, not their own or that of the students and post a tweet using the class hashtag #SweetBP1. We then had an in class discussion.

Some students defended the perspective of the students, without really considering that of the teachers. Some said that the actions of the students were exaggerated. Of course, in their eyes, the teachers had to be wrong. Those that allowed themselves to evaluate the situations critically were able to see that students aren’t always respectful or understanding. It was great to see some of the students truly get it, and appreciate seeing their actions reflected back to them as if they were looking into a mirror.

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