Learning Doesn’t Have to Stop When Teachers are Out Sick


It has been a long time since I have had to take a day off for illness. In fact, I think the last time I was out sick was in 2011. I eat right, exercise, and take care of myself. My job comes with some stress, but usually not enough to wear me down. Like […]

The Digital Footprint

When I was first hired as an assistant principal back in 2010, my principal and I had a long lunch to break the ice. I talked about my honeymoon, he talked about his history in the town, and then we started talking about bizarre things on the internet. We both were hysterical and just how […]

A Message from a YouTube Edu Flipper

Confession. I am a YouTuber. ( www.youtube.com/hiphughes)Now before you stop reading, I should tell you I also am a teacher with 19 years of experience, although I prefer being called a FOLE. (Facilitator Of Learning Experiences -which of course I have a video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmJ-_G5VR-A) The story of how I became a YouTuber is a […]

Three Ways To Use 30-Second Videos In Your Classroom


2-4 kids and a Smartphone… Nice and easy but powerful. The ticket to awesome. Check it out. As teachers, we often do too much and the kids too little. We give a lot of information, but little processing time in class. Luckily, there are easy ways to change that. Check out my other posts on […]

Blended Learning with the New Google Sites

As more schools go 1:1 with devices, classrooms increasingly feature a blended learning model. This requires a lot of student screen time because as Matt Miller argues, technology is a vital part of students’ educational experience. Students need visually appealing platforms to engage them as they work on devices. Google Classroom has a visually appealing […]

Are You a YouTube Star? Why Not?

“Do you make lesson recap videos? You should.” Those words, spoken years ago by Chris Aviles at EdCamp New Jersey, punctured my belief I was rocking technology integration in my classroom. As Chris correctly argued, lesson recap videos would give students what all humans need: multiple opportunities to learn. I had the technology but I […]

How Might Learning with Technology Look Different If….


In recent posts I’ve written about the importance of vision and the need for leaders to anchor conversations around technology use in that vision. After the most recent post, Gary Stager shared an article he wrote titled Outside the Skinner Box: Can Education Technology Make a Course Correction? The article is a “must read” and […]

Showing Understanding Through Screencasting

Giving students opportunities to express their knowledge is important. But students are sometimes limited in their capabilities to show understanding if they are only given the opportunity to just write out their ideas. Some children are better speakers. Some children struggle with the language of instruction. Some children need visuals, not just words to express […]

Engage Students with Digital BreakoutEDU

There is something magic that happens when school becomes something other than, “question-correct answer-repeat.” One strategy to break out of that pattern, engage students, and get them problem-solving is BreakoutEDU. Teachers can also create web-based breakoutsor Digital BreakoutEDU. What is BreakoutEDU? Based on escape rooms, BreakoutEDU, created by Mark Hammons and James Sanders, involves students […]

Predicting Education in 2036 (And How to Get There)


In the near future, technology will play an even more fundamental role in transforming not only how we teach, but also how students learn. The role of teacher will have completely morphed into that of a coach or mentor, and teachers will place much more emphasis on self-directed, competency-based learning. In that setting, students will […]

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