2nd Chances

The Digital Footprint

When I was first hired as an assistant principal back in 2010, my principal and I had a long lunch to break the ice. I talked about my honeymoon, he talked about his history in the town, and then we started talking about bizarre things on the internet. We both were hysterical and just how […]

The Parrot, A Thanksgiving Parable

The Parrot, A Thanksgiving Parable I hope you enjoy this story, perfect for your Thanksgiving festivities. Traditionally my family has always shared stories, our thanks of course, made plenty of toasts, and I always wrote plays for the kids. Once in awhile we found something really fun to share at the table; this one came […]

Let Your Students FAIL

The Cycle of Failure We’ve all been in the situation with that “difficult” student in our class where they shut down, let out a sign of discontentand throw an assignmentaside while saying something like “I’m not doing this!”. I know this can be frustrating as an educator but I want you to think about something […]

Three Ways to Remove FEAR from Your Classroom

Most of us have seen or experienced the traditional archaic model of education where a lesson is taught, notes are taken, quizzes or worksheets are handed out and grades are given. While this model works for some students, there are many students that completely shut down in this process. This process of judgement and single […]

Just Keep Swimming


So, for those of you who have kids or grandkids, book makers came up with thebrilliantidea of adding sounds to board books. I have come to the conclusion that these books are fun to give but are awful to receive; worse than fruitcake. My daughter’s love theirFinding Dorybook, and love tapping all of the sounds […]

Back to School Anxieties Part II: How to Help Children Manage Them with 4 Easy Fun Exercises!!


Back to school anxieties are common and often not addressed. In part I, I spoke about how these anxieties need to be aired and shared so that children’s day to day learning would not be affected. As many adults do not know how to share their anxiety and fears, children certainly have neither the skills […]

Parents and Teachers: How To Address Back To School Anxieties – Part I


A new school year brings a mix of excitement and worries: “Will I do well? Will my teacher like me? Where will I sit? Will I be teased on the playground? Will I be invited to someone’s house? Such questions will arise for all children but even more so for children who have formerly been […]

Summer: Our Beautiful Do Over


This time of year I am always reminded what a beautiful gift summer is to educators. Not just because of the beach time, time torestand rejuvenate our passion for students. Not just the extra time to spend with our children and our friends. Not just because we get to see what the rest of the […]

A Different Call To The Office


It’s May. While all eyes turn to the end of the year, I think it’s time we start counting up some of the end of year conversations we need to have before summer starts and we’re not seeing our students each day. I’ve written before about my belief that we are wired up so that […]

Teaching through chronic illness: Stay organized!

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Carrying my binder around the Cleveland Clinic became more onerous each day of my visit. I did not dare leave it behind, though. My baby blue binder had my imaging CDs, my symptoms notebook, places for visit summaries and receipts, my to-do lists, and all of my medical history for the last ten years. Sure, […]