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What is School For? More Questions For Us


“If you try to do something and fail, you are vastly better off than if you had tried nothing and succeeded.”– Lloyd Jones The old state house in Boston, MA. The balcony is where the Declaration of Independence was read publicly in 1776 and 1976.Often I write about our need to prepare for the future […]

Should Struggling Third Grade Readers be Retained?

Today I read that Michigan is pushing for struggling third grade readers to be retained. Other states have also been studying the issue. Obviously by retaining third graders, 4th grade scores will certaily look much improved! But, is that the option we really want? Traditionally, third grade is the cut. Numerous articles have discussed the […]

What should a teacher do if they don’t like parts of their curriculum?


This post was originally inspired by an email conversation [email protected] earlier this week, about a high school English teacher who said she no longer wanted to teach Shakespeare because she felt it wasn’t relevant to her students. Also, she happened personally not to like Shakespeare. I found this latter point more disturbing; considering what is […]

Is Your Child’s Classroom and Home Emotionally Intelligent? If Not, Why Not?


And we wonder about what is going on in our world today? Our children spend most of their lives either at home or in the classroom. Studies are now showing the absolute need for a change in how we raise our children emotionally. We are all affected by our chaotic, instant global environment that bombards […]

Cheaters Never Prosper


I am often asked what I believe to be the biggest problems in education, and without hesitation, my reply is always cheating. According to a recent Stanford study, 86% of high school students admitted to cheating on a test in school. In the same survey 66% of middle school students admitted to cheating. When asked […]