The Digital Footprint

When I was first hired as an assistant principal back in 2010, my principal and I had a long lunch to break the ice. I talked about my honeymoon, he talked about his history in the town, and then we started talking about bizarre things on the internet. We both were hysterical and just how […]

Calming the Speaker with Movement

Public speaking is a fear many people face. There have been multiple moments in my teaching career when I have encountered a terrified student sweating about giving a presentation, whether it was a presentation meant to be delivered individually or as a group. In some cases, the student spoke so softly hardly anyone could hear […]

Costco, Play-Doh, and Reading

October is one of my favorite months of the year. Halloween with my kids is one of the reasons despite the loads of candy they receive. This is why I love Costco and the small containers of Play-Doh they offer so parents have an alternative to candy and what they offer to trick-or-treaters. There is […]

Hands Off! Title IX

No harrassment

Hands Off! Title IX Keep your hands to yourself, the first rule we teach our preschoolers is a good start. Manners and appropriate behavior have to start somewhere. I read a shocking article aboutTitle IXIcouldn’t wait to share, not another minute. This is a shorter post than usual, as the author really puts it together […]

Playful Teaching: School Is Supposed To Be Fun


I recently started reading the book Playful Parenting by Dr. Lawrence J. Cohen, a psychologist from Massachusetts. In his book, the author talks about teaching rather than punishing our kids. He claims, and I must admit that it makes a lot of sense to me, that we can best achieve that through “Playful Parenting.” Playful […]

NEA’s Stand: Just Say No, School-To-Prison Pipeline.


I met Leslie Van Houghten. It’s not something I often talk about. Tonight, it has resonance. There comes a time we must reach deeply into our hearts and souls and reflect on common truths. Recent violent events in our country trouble us all. I know we wake up and wonder what’s happening next to test […]

About a song: What does it “mean”?

stencil.twitter post 30

As a middle school principal, I make it a point to do informal walkthroughs for at least 40-60 minutes each day (well, that’s the plan anyway). It is the best part of my job to learn alongside teachers and kids throughout the school. I stopped by one of my teacher’s (@bess_murphy) classrooms this week. I’m […]

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