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Moving to the Big Leagues!


Life is filled with transitions, that’s for sure. A couple pretty big ones are going on in our house at the moment, probably like yours. Moving to the Big Leagues! At least in spirit and love. Tonight I write from my heart, sharing a sweet story of family and personal growth, our will tested, our […]

5 Ways to Use PokemonGo in Your Classroom!

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Disclaimer: Before you think I’m jumping on the bandwagon, I’m not. This is intended to be used asanother tool in the shed of an educator that connects to today’s learner. image credit: pokemongo.com History does indeed come full circle. Pokemon is back in the news. When I first heard it over the weekend, I thought […]

Congrats, Grads! Oh, the Places You’ll Go!


Question to our sweet little grad: “What was your favorite thing about graduating preschool last Sunday?” Answer: “Wearing the white outfit with the funny hat.” Well, that about sums it up. The biggers getting set for big kids school. The littlers also wearing caps and gowns because they were jealous and graduated to pre-kindergarten. A […]



My almost 2 ½ year old son woke up very distraught this morning. We came back from a family trip to Chicago on Sunday night. We had a fun and relaxing Memorial Day Monday at the park with family and friends, and today it was “back to the grind,” and by that I simply mean […]

Teaching with Chronic Illness: Denial Isn’t Always Bad


When we get a major diagnosis, even if it’s one we’ve been expecting, there is always a certain amount of denial, at least at first. Okay, the denial can last longer than just at first. Just when we think we have come to terms with everything, denial sneaks up on us, and we find ourselves […]

Hometown Inclusion Hero


Once in awhile we meet Henry. He may be your child. Henry inspires and teaches that we all belong together. Tonight I am writing about Inclusion, in particular, one young spirit who overcame many obstacles, and his devoted mother. Mama love. Get your tissues, this story is like Rudy, Rocky and every feel-good inspirational book […]

Schools Are Gardens For The Heart

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Spring is a time for rebirth and new beginnings. As we pull the weeds of winter, we reflect on our learning successes, assess, plan and hope for the next year. Gardens are a grand way to teach children sequence of life, planting, tending and watching that garden grow, just like learning. Tending the garden of […]

Questions. The Heartbeat of Understanding.


What if I told you questions are the heartbeat of understanding? I’m sure you would agree. Tonight I’m writing to you from head and heart. Head, in that I’m focused on student outcomes, heart, because I hope to inspire or re-inspire you and thank you for your efforts. By continually finding out what our students […]

How To Praise A Child, So It’s Banked!


I make no bones about it! Children do not bank your praise and save it for a rainy day. It slips right by them. Why is that? Receiving positive feedback for most people is difficult and that is because we were not given the training during our childhoods to stop, listen and take in those […]

Sharing Powerful “Aha” Moments – Create a Chain


It just struck me. Presumably, the way it might strike a student seeming disengaged in an ocean of thought, we, as teachers can enact powerful change in the lives of very important people: the kids we teach, the colleagues we connect with, the administrators who believe in us. I’moverwhelmed todaywith the kind words of educators […]

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