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Lessons From The Geese Revisited, Leadership And Life


I’ve been hearing geese honking all day.It seemed last night that they were louder than usual. Since moving by the river, I expected to hear the rapids, but I certainly didn’t think I would be sitting reading, hearing geese honking. I’m never sure whether they are flying back and forth to the duck ponds across […]

Let’s Keep It Real In Education


I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy. — Marie Curie Translation: If you want things to change, get your ass off the couch and do the work. That’s what Marie did. In a world full of men unwilling to accept a woman, an atheist, and a person who followed […]

20 Years Ago


I still can’t believe that I graduated Union High School 20 years ago this year. 1997 was a fun year–a senior in high school, not a care in the world. Then again, it was a different world. My superintendent, Dr. Jakubowski (with whom I still speak), made two prominent points at our graduation. 1. Don’t […]

We Make It Great, Not Them


Tomorrow, America gets a new president. Some view it as the apocalypse. Others see Donald Trump as the savior. Surely, things will change. Things always change. But who we are does not have to. Politicians would have us believe our future is in their hands. But this is wrong. No one’s getting the American Dream, […]

State of the Dream in the New Year


With hope in my heart and passion in my soul I am reposting last year’s MLK inspired missive.This year, more important than ever, may we recognize Dr. King’s aspirations and belief in the future success stories for all America’s children. Tonight my heart is filled with joy. As we welcome the successes of the New […]

Great Educators Teach the Whole Child

“Mister, why do we have to do this? I’d honestly rather work on math right now. Or anything else.” This was advisory class (also known as “guidance”). I was a certified high school math teacher, but like so many of my peers, I also taught advisory. In advisory, teachers met with students to develop their […]

Finding Love Again


Today is Human Rights Day. Ironic we have to set aside a special day, when it should be the norm. Human rights for all. All the time. We are Teachers. We are strong and mighty. It’s time to find love again, doing whatever it takes. We’re all in this together. Let our collective voices “raise […]

Made it! New School, Land of Enchantment!


Moved to the Big Leagues, a brand new school, truly a land of enchantment. Transition complete. We made it! What a journey. Here’s my story for today, a special day. Posting on 9/11 provides a tremendous reponsibility to focus on hope, life and family. History cannot be changed, but life matters and schools are families, […]

First Day of School For Gold Medalist Kids!

Tonight I write from head and heart about your first day of school, a lot about family, patriotism, ethics and values. Watching the Olympics is extraordinary, I’m sure you’ll agree. How amazing to see the best in the world compete, note how they get along, or don’t and when it gets really great, mess it […]

What the Class of 2016 Taught the Teacher

class of 2016 2

This year I had the privilege of teaching 80 seniors; however, there were 81 students in my class this year because I learn every year alongside my students. Here are my main takeaways from the year: Rigor and fun can go hand-in-hand– My classroom tends to be marked with laughter, but this class took having […]