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3 Ways to Engage Kids Early

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My mantra is simple, “Where attention goes, energy flows”. Without a student’s authentic attention, you are basically swimming with no arms or legs in a choppy ocean of learning. Therefore, garnering student’s attention in the first few minutes of class as they walk in is perhaps your most important job as an educator. Setting the […]

Questions. The Heartbeat of Understanding.


What if I told you questions are the heartbeat of understanding? I’m sure you would agree. Tonight I’m writing to you from head and heart. Head, in that I’m focused on student outcomes, heart, because I hope to inspire or re-inspire you and thank you for your efforts. By continually finding out what our students […]



Below is a list of five-word sets called a scrambled-sentence test. Take a few minutes to make a grammatical four-word sentence as quickly as possible out of each set. Go! 01 find solution acceptable an everyone 02 sun a is he dandy 03 delicious taste home bread baked 04 has today enjoyable been aimed 05 […]

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