2 a.m. Awake…again…anxiety… I have no clue what I am going to do in class today. Yesterday was a disastrous mess. The kids were off the wall. The lesson went right over their heads. Thank God, I wasn’t observed. I toss and turn and sneak a peek at the alarm clock. Only five minutes have […]

4 Things a Worried Child Should Never Hear


When children are little, they worry, but may not understand why. There may be no logical evidence to support it, but it is real to them, nonetheless. It is real enough to provoke a real nervous system response. Worry is anxiety. It sometimes surfaces with a barrage of questions that seem to come out of […]

Take My Hand and Grow Young with Me: Calming Children’s Anxiety

Yes, I know what childhood should be… a carefree, joyful time of no worries and playful days. For the most part, that was my childhood and may have been for many of you, as well. So, it may be hard to consider the reality of a young child experiencing anxiety. For sure, there have always […]

Lessons From The Geese Revisited, Leadership And Life


I’ve been hearing geese honking all day.It seemed last night that they were louder than usual. Since moving by the river, I expected to hear the rapids, but I certainly didn’t think I would be sitting reading, hearing geese honking. I’m never sure whether they are flying back and forth to the duck ponds across […]

The Kitchen Sink


My wife and kids leave for school about an hour before I do. Which means I have a good chunk of time to spend how I choose. Sometimes I use it well and sometimes I waste it. Don’t get me wrong, by wasting it I don’t mean that I am lying on the couch throwing […]

The Parrot, A Thanksgiving Parable

The Parrot, A Thanksgiving Parable I hope you enjoy this story, perfect for your Thanksgiving festivities. Traditionally my family has always shared stories, our thanks of course, made plenty of toasts, and I always wrote plays for the kids. Once in awhile we found something really fun to share at the table; this one came […]

The Masks We Wear


When you look at this photo what do you see? Are you sure? What if I were to tell you that at the moment this photo was taken my daughter had a terrible migraine and my son was as happy as could be? It may seem hard to believe, but it’s true. We oftentimes make […]

Engaging With Place & Community (Part 2): Walking with High School Students

students walking4

Walking is a tonic for body, mind, and soul. (Rubinstein, 2015, p. 251) Walking With High School Students The Walking Curriculum offers learning activities designed to simultaneously develop your students’ sense of place and to enrich their understanding of cross-curricular topics and core competencies. Walking curriculum activities reflect the principles and practices of Imaginative Ecological […]

The Night Before Tomorrow


I begin to prepare. Mentally. Physically. Never knowing quite for sure what it will bring. But knowing that once I close my eyes. For good. It will be here. Whether I am ready or not. Back and forth I go. It will be a great day says one part of my brain. And I mentally […]

Back to School Anxieties Part II: How to Help Children Manage Them with 4 Easy Fun Exercises!!


Back to school anxieties are common and often not addressed. In part I, I spoke about how these anxieties need to be aired and shared so that children’s day to day learning would not be affected. As many adults do not know how to share their anxiety and fears, children certainly have neither the skills […]