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Sing Me a Story

Many years ago, teaching pre-k students about stories, and story structure, it occurred to me that since my students sang their made-up songs in dramatic play, I should share the grown-up version of stories that are sung. That is how teaching opera to young children was born in our classroom. The opera by Englebert Humerdinck, […]

If We Want Global Competencies We Need to Stop Stigmatizing the Arts

There are conversations in all of our lives that we have repeatedly. “Did you brush your teeth? Are you sure?” “Do you have to pee? Please try to go before you put your snow pants on.” “Where is/are your lunch box/agenda/library book/snow pants/mitts?!? The bus is coming!” Clearly, I’m ready for winter to be over, […]

Prompts to Pump Up Creativity, Imagination, and Concentration (Part 2)


Check out Part 2 of my previous post, “Prompts to Pump Up Creativity and Imagination.” The upcoming “sparks,” all crucial areas in education, don’t get enough time in our classrooms. They can be used in various ways: a “wake-up call” in the morning to get students thinking and feeling. The prompt can be written on […]

Prompts to Pump Up Creativity and Imagination

Einstein imagination quote

Check out a few prompts about creativity and imagination. Use these “sparks” to trigger that “self-amusement park” of the mind to see where they all lead. As you read the prompts, use brainstorming, “picture-storming” (visualize one image-after-another), and “word-storming” (crank out one word-after-another) to get into my original statements, “equations,” and quoatations about two vital […]

Critiquing the Un-critiqueable

Grade 3 Concert Oct 28 2013 009 Wiki 5

Twenty years ago, Arlene Croce, writing in the New Yorker, declared that she felt that Bill T. Jones’ work exploring his own AIDS diagnosis and the terminal illnesses of his performers made his work “undiscussable” – beyond the reach of criticism. She coined the term “victim art” and vented her frustration at the way she […]

Chronic Illness and Self-Care: Arts, Crafts, and Music Can Help

art materials

One of the side effects of teaching is that we often give up our hobbies, our crafts, even our art for our job. Our jobs are so overwhelming that we often sacrifice our music, our art thinking we don’t have time for it, not with needing to make another parent phone call or write another […]

Art Exposure for Students – it’s good for them.

image credit: M. Knoll (WTSD) I’m a bit biased when it comes to art. I’m in love with it. While I am not drawn to a certain style or anartistin particular, I am afan of getting as many people to see art for what it is – an avenue of expression utilizing a gift someone […]

Managing Teacher Stress With Coloring


A teacher’s day is full of a lot of stress. We’re responsible for the well-being of 30 or more students. We have to inspire, guide, and nourish young minds. We have administrative duties and responsabilities. There’s also the grading and constant monitoring of student progress. At times you will feel as though you can’t keep […]

Leading Arts Education – Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say


This blog post has been surprisingly difficult for me to write. I have wanted to write it for a long while, but every time I started, my thoughts wandered all over the page. I found myself becoming defensive, grasping at straws for evidence to support my position that the arts are essential to every child’s […]

10 Practices to Help Bilingual Students Succeed – Lessons from Israel #VibeEdu


This is just one in a series of ongoing posts on the educational innovations in Israel. You can see additional coveragehere. New York City (the place I teach) is indeed a melting pot, and while New Yorkers embrace its diversity, teaching in a school where students are not fluent in English, and often are not […]

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