Drill Down

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Today was our second of four days testing kids. Keep in mind that this is only the ninth day of the new school year. I know that teachers must have an idea of the abilities and skills of their students in order to proceed with appropriate instruction during the year. But, with the number of […]

NAEP ’17 Reading: Up, Down or Sideways?

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Don’t show Mama Our Nation’s Report Card.Not so good. Tonight I’m sharing my opinions, not a major statistical treatise, but I will toss some information into the bowl, like Strega Nona, and let’s mix it up, and put a little honey on top. Tonight I offer heartfelt, plain talk about yesterday’s shocking headlines, or not […]

Five Reasons Your Rubric Needs a Makeover: #HackingPBL


How will my students and I know they are learning what they are supposed to learning? How will I assess this? These are easily two of the more popular questions that emerge as educators make the shift to project based learning, and some form of a rubric (and its effective use) is usually a big […]

Assess for Success


Do you teach well? How do you determine the merit of your teaching? How do you relay this information to others? It’s difficult to be objective with regard to your own work. That’s why it’s important to create a self assessment process that helps to move you forward with your teaching and learning–a process that […]

Standardized Testing Makes a Brave Child Fearful

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What are we doing to our children? You would think a third grader living with cystic fibrosis who is a competitive swimmer would not be distressed about having to take standardized tests. After all, she handles blood draws, throat cultures, medications, and treatments like a pro. She’s never nervous in a swim meet. Yet the […]

Grades, Learning, and Change


A few weeks ago, a teacher shared with me a question his had given to his students. He asked them, “If you had the choice foryour next grade, would you choose an 88 that you really worked hard for and learned something to earn or 95 where you won’t remember anything after the grade and […]

Is There Another Side to the Report Card?


This week on Studentcentricity I talked with educator Nancy Flanagan and social-emotional learning specialist Maurice Elias. The topic was redirecting student misbehavior toward positive behavior. This is a practice many teachers are advised to implement, but seldom is there guidance on how to implement it. Nancy and Maurice had some wonderful suggestions, which you can […]

Project-Based Learning Professional Development (part 2), Student-Created Rubrics


In a previous post I described the first of three project-based learning (PBL) professional development sessions I facilitated for our Innovate Salisbury team, a team of 15 teachers engaging with building leaders, district leaders, and other experts/thought leaders to help shape the vision for teaching and learning in our classrooms. While the first session was […]

Quick Assessment for Differentiation – A Toolbox


We’ve all been there: the post-observation conference. Much like a job interview, it can be nerve-wracking, especially for new teachers. Much like job interviews, there are a few questions that should be expected. One of those questions is: How did you group the students? This blog post will help you answer this question and look […]

No Work for All Over Break? YES PLEASE!

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Below is an email I sent out to all staff pertaining to the upcoming winter recess: Certificated Staff, Greetings! I hope this email finds you happy and healthy during the holiday season. As we all know, this time of year can get busy. We also all know that the countdown has begun for next week; […]

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