It’s… Almost… Over #notyet

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The sun is setting on yet another school year. It is about this time that teachers start talking about how kids have checked out, senioritis has kicked in, and spring fever is rampant. I was lucky enough to be able to spend the last 27 years studying this problem. I took blood samples from over […]

How to Fix Our Broken School System


In an OctoberWashington Postarticle, author T. Rees Shapiro reveals that Diane Ravitch, former U.S. assistant secretary of education, endorses Nikhil Goyal, 17, for the department’s top job. Goyal’s prestige has skyrocketed since the September release of his book,One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student’s Assessment of School, which unapologetically condemns America’s education system.He has […]

5 Reasons Why Coaches Make the Best Teachers


It’s no secret that countless students eagerly wait for the final bell to ring—not to go home, but to play a team sport. Why is that, and how could we get students to show similar enthusiasm for learning during the actual school day? Great coaches have an edge when it comes to inspiring today’s youth […]

New Year Reflections, On Teaching Our Kiddos-ESSA

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Second Chances. How do we make sense of our changing educational world when the only constant is change?Classroom scenes ofBlended Learning, Flipped Classroomsand every imaginable combination come to mind. Test scores were released,but we’ve been too busy to talk much about what happened in reading and math, in fourth and eighth grades. I trustNAEPas the […]

Should Struggling Third Grade Readers be Retained?

Today I read that Michigan is pushing for struggling third grade readers to be retained. Other states have also been studying the issue. Obviously by retaining third graders, 4th grade scores will certaily look much improved! But, is that the option we really want? Traditionally, third grade is the cut. Numerous articles have discussed the […]

Online assessments


No more grading numerous quizzes and tests by hand. No more bringing a number 2 pencil to the test. The days of scantron sheets are over. Online assessments allows teachers the ability to grade quickly and easily. Data is compiled into a Google Sheet that can help drive future instruction. A few options that are […]

Not Your Mama’s Report Card


What if old-fashioned report cards made a come back? Going back to my parents’ generation, they were a combination of grades and hand-written comments. Those comments gave teachers the opportunity to personalize what they shared with parents.All of this was in the pre-computer dark ages. And no matter what grading system was used, everyone knew […]

Stuck in an Elevator with Bill Gates


Just me and him. Alone in an elevator on a long ride to the top floor. I’ve dreamed of this for quite some time, but even so, my hands are sticky and my mouth is dry. Will I have the guts to say what I’ve rehearsed in my mind so many times? I remind myself […]

Students in a Kettle


Last week I posted a copy of a letter I wrote to our State Superintendent of Education on my blog and learned a few things. 1 – The topic of standardized testing is a hot button, and the majority of people think it has gotten out of hand. 2 – While the far majority of […]

What the Tests Don’t Tell Us

It is no secret that today’s youth are tested and re-tested at astounding rates.Ever since the implementation of the 2002No Child Left BehindAct(NCLB) which mandated annual yearly testing for students in all 50 states as a means for measuring progress; teachers, parents, and students have been inundated with a kind oftesting mania. Clara Hemphill in […]

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