On the Mend

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It’s been an interesting November and December. While I have been truly blessed with my family, my career, and my traveling, I took a rare step. I did something for myself early in November. I had gastric bypass surgery. This surgery has been a long time in the making. For most of my life, I’ve […]

Good Guy, Bad Guy, or THE Guy?

public speaking

So… here we are again…another summer that flies by, another school year ready to kick off, and another few weeks of thoughts swirling in my head about what exactly to say to the hundreds of staff members who wait for my every last breath.

Help Your Students Adjust to School after a Long Holiday

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For many students, returning to school from the long winter break is not an easy transition. Staying up late, sleeping in, unstructured time, family stresses, or holiday travel can all make it hard for students to return to school ready to work productively. You can expect to see students who are tired, cranky, and just […]

Protecting The Flame


In the Olympics, an athlete with significant achievements and milestones is allowed to be the last runner in the torch relay and given the honor of lighting the Olympic Cauldron. On occasion, the people chosen to light the Cauldron are not dignitaries, cultural figures, or famous at all. Their invited participation, nevertheless, symbolizes Olympic ideals. […]

Something Beautiful Happens


It’s been close to two months now.Count-keeping has become inevitable.The date displayed on my computer’s bottom right-hand corner says it is 5/8/2015. I hit the pavement two months ago, figuratively speaking.My face had to have broken my fall because for weeks, the mirror reflected the injury. No matter which way I tried looking and how […]

LeadingED – Social Media for Leaders


Twitter is quite possibly the best source of professional learning for educators and educational leaders – it’s free, it breaks barriers of time and space and it’s full of thought leaders who show innovation and leadership in real time and in real settings. School leaders are finding more and more connections with like minded – […]

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