Finding Balance

Authentic teaching is magical balance. A good teacher knows how to reveal the essence of our existence so that we are moved to compassion, so that we respond with kindness and humanity even in the face of adversity, so that we are aware of the beautiful now, while our eyes are wide open to the […]

Goodbye House: A Story About Moving

So go figure. I find everything else but the missing socks. Where do those socks go, anyway? Now that I finally tossed the odd ones, will the mates turn up? I’ve never been so organized as since I moved into this tiny (to me) house, used to bigger spaces and maybe grander places. But for […]

How To Balance Work and Life as a Teacher

I know it’s hard… Being a teacher is probably one of the most demanding jobs that exists in terms of the commitment, passion, and dedication that it requires. In some jobs, you put your time in, go home and relax, and forget about the challenges of the day, that customer that complained, that client who […]

Finding Fulcrum Between Work and Life


We are in the educational 4th quarter all! I tend to forgot how crazy busy this time of year can be until I am in the middle of it shaking my head. Some days in the spring I start to feel like this….. So how do we find the point that supports that balance we […]

Swipe Right For Success


With 2016 being days away, I’m starting to revisit some goals that I made in the beginning of the school year. One of my goals is to be cognizant of current lingo so I’m never caught off guard in conversations. While Wikipedia or Urban Dictionary is just a click away (UD was a staple for […]

No Work for All Over Break? YES PLEASE!

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Below is an email I sent out to all staff pertaining to the upcoming winter recess: Certificated Staff, Greetings! I hope this email finds you happy and healthy during the holiday season. As we all know, this time of year can get busy. We also all know that the countdown has begun for next week; […]

Teachers, How To Address Your Students Back To School Anxieties


A new school year brings a mix of excitement and worries: “Will I do well? Will my teacher like me? Where will I sit? Will I be teased on the playground? Will I be invited to someone’s house? How will I get my homework done with my schedule of sports and activities.” Such questions will […]

The Power of Personal and Professional Evaluation


Teachers use the end of the year as a time for reflection and evaluation. What worked well in my class this past year? What didn’t? What lessons need to be tweaked? What progress did my students make? These are all great questions to ask and play an important role in the growth process of educators; […]

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