Beginning of The School Year

There’s Still Time To Make a Change!


Whether you’re heading back to school, coming off a holiday break, or maybe you’re smack dab in the middle of a school year, I know it’s easy to feel “locked in” and unable to make any changes. This is fairly common. As the stress of the year increases, it feels like it gets harder and […]

Cultivating A Culture Of Mistakes (+ A Free Poster)


Happy Friday! Or Saturday, depending on when you read this. As school draws closer (or maybe already back to the grind?), teachers and administrators experience a renewed sense of purpose. We reflect on how to start the year off right and how we can do things better. I have an ironic, but very true answer […]

An Open Letter to My Former Self


As I enter my eleventh year in education, I have spent a lot of time reflecting back to my first year. A decade into my career, I am making a transition from the classroom to an instructional coaching position. This has caused much thought about what I know now and what I knew way back […]

Land Your Dream Job: Interviewing & Hiring Insights


“Great leaders make all decisions based on the best people”. -Todd Whitaker It’s an exciting time of year for schools looking to hire the best and educators alike in search of their dream job. And even though we are heading into the final half of the hiring season, quality candidates and exceptional schools are still […]

First Steps to Teaching Science


There are a lot of aspects of teaching that are learned best through experience, however many systems and approaches can be shared and can save new science teachers a lot of trouble. Although I will never consider myself a “master” teacher, I do hope my insights can help you navigate the minefield of teaching science. […]

Let’s Resolve to Make Mistakes!


Too often our New Year’s Resolutions involve perfection: we want to look better, weigh less, and have whiter teeth (but not whiter hair). We want our students to score higher on those standardized tests, our lesson plans to be efficient and effective from the beginning, and our technology to work exactly the way it’s supposed […]

The Science Notebook-A Personal Preference

What’s in a Science Notebook? There were a few moments as a new science teacher where I was stunned at how much thought I put into something that students didn’t bat an eye at. One such instance was arranging desks (we can tackle this in another post) and another was deciding on what system I […]

Enter the Arts Closet


I don’t know about you but I’m still coming to grips with this whole school business after a summer of lazy days and late mornings. In the school I’ve been working in this week, kids are still staggering in bleary eyed and, on this last day of summer, we’re still basking in the early afternoon […]

When You Don’t Speak the Same Language: Making ELLs Feel Welcome

literacy for all young learners medium

Many years ago a man I know, whose family spoke only Polish, entered school on his first day of first grade unable to speak a word of English. His teacher sent him home and conveyed to his family that he wouldn’t be allowed to return to school until he was speaking English. Today that story […]

Six Words Can Shape a Lesson


Inspired by a project at Smith MagazineSix Word Memoirsare a great tool to use in the classroom. With students feeling the pressure of producing more, turn thae tables on them and have them write less while continuing to use critical thinking skills. Here are some ideas inspired by Six Word Memoirs: Introduction Have students write […]

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