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Why Do Teachers Experience Compassion Fatigue?


Towards the end of a Tibetan Buddhism meditation lecture on compassion, a woman in the back row raised her hand and asked, what about compassion fatigue? Before the instructor could reply, the woman added, I am a teacher. I do my best. I care for my students, but it gets to the point when I […]

On Writing A Book, Promise Kept

writing a book

Yes, you can write a book, or another. It really starts with desire, a strong sense of purpose and a lot of tenacity. I’m on the ‘another’ category and it’s feeling really grand to be completing the project, although every day I say I’m done and it’s never quite. But close enough tonight. I admit […]

How to Get Better: Is “Good Enough” Good Enough?

I recently prepared introductory remarks for our winter concert. I used the same Microsoft Word document named “concert introductions” that I’ve used since I became a principal. There are elements of these introductions that need to be repeated every year: turn off your cell phone, don’t yell out your kids name, stay until the end […]

Miss You! Family Grad Reunion

It seems these days, families live so far apart. I’m sure that’s the way it is for most of us. Keeping connected takes a lot more effort than it used to. I don’t think it is just me and my loved ones. Screen sharing is not the same as being together in real time, although […]

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning!


“Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start. When we read we begin with A B C….” Who knew I’d love teaching littles? Not me, that’s for sure. Preschool KWLW: Here’s my learning update, month seven of my what was I thinking in year forty six? Who else in their […]

Good Enough


She was running late as it was, so there was no way that Jordan was going to be able to do her hair the way she had planned. As it was, there was barely enough time for her to throw her outfit in the dryer to try and get the wrinkles out. Why did Picture […]

I Don’t Need to Win the Lotto

Two simple questions: What do I really need? Who needs me? Recently, Seth Godin published a short post called “The ruby slippers problem.” In this brief post he described that, in our culture, we are always looking to get more rather than focusing on what we have. His post has been on my mind since […]

Teaching with Chronic Illness: Denial Isn’t Always Bad


When we get a major diagnosis, even if it’s one we’ve been expecting, there is always a certain amount of denial, at least at first. Okay, the denial can last longer than just at first. Just when we think we have come to terms with everything, denial sneaks up on us, and we find ourselves […]

I Am An Artist


Today was the day that it finally happened. The day that I decided to start calling myself an artist. No longer will I be a hit-counter, comment-collector or praise-seeker. I have been all three. And I can’t deny that they feel good. It is nice to know that people read what I spend much time […]