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Never Too Old: Advice Educators Should Take from Mr. Rogers

mister rogers

Most of us watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood at one time or another- along with our children or as children ourselves. So, we felt his impact and influence, either directly or indirectly. After watching the recent documentary about Fred Rogers, I was reminded of what genuinely matters and how the lessons he so sensitively taught children […]

Priming Your Students For Creativity (A Mind Control Infographic)


There is nothing wrong with your screen. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. I am controlling the image. I control the horizontal and I control the vertical. I can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next 10 minutes, sit quietly and I will control all […]

5 Steps To Better Memory And Understanding


Practice makes permanent. This is what we’ve become conditioned to say in recent years. It’s a true statement no doubt, but what kind of practice are we talking about? And, how do we teach our students to practice to attain better memory, understanding, and ultimately deeper learning? Here’s the method I use: 1. Get Good […]

Hey Students: Schools Are Dead


… but learning isn’t. I wrote my first book, Crush School: Every Student’s Guide To Killing It In The Classroom after realizing that most interesting education books are written for adults, and the ones students are forced to use in class mostly suck. They’re not just uninteresting. They are dull and written in some weird […]

Why Are Logical Consequences Such a Foreign Concept?

Recently I had the unique experience of being interviewed by a middle school student. Jacob had found me on the Internet because he was researching recess and wanted to ask some questions for his project. Of course, recess is one of my favorite topics so I agreed to give him some time. What I didn’t […]

Please Call The Cops ‘Cause You’re Killing Your Students!


Cognitive Overload. Unfortunately, we do that a lot. We often overwhelm students with information when we present it to them. What’s worse, we teach them to do the same to others when they present. We are killing them. Well… We’re killing their learning… So, it is only fair we call the police on ourselves… Or […]

Three Things I Learned from Teaching in a Fishbowl

In case you don’t know what the term means (you probably do) teaching in a fishbowl is when your classroom isbeing observed by other professionals, administrators, colleagues, and stakeholders constantly. Essentially it means that your teaching is always on display. Now, I know you are thinking, “I would hate that!” but I assure you it […]

Tips For Imaginative Educators #5: Engage The Body

Human beings have bodies. Obvious? Yes. Unfortunately, the fact that all learnershave bodies is far too often forgotten in education. After elementary school, it is unusual to see educatorsemploying teaching and learning practices that engage the body. When I was a secondary school teacher I rarely saw embodied practices in any classes other than Fine […]

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