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Mrs. Jones’ Class


I was completely taken by surprise. Nothing like this had ever before. The fact that I didn’t see it coming made it that much more special. I have clicked the word publish well over a hundred times before. Each time not really knowing what type of reaction I would receive. If any at all. And […]

What Comes First, the Writing or the Blogging?


The Problem In a previous district, I got my hand slapped for encouraging third graders to blog (using Kidblog, which was free at the time). The given rationale behind the hand slapping was something to the effect of, “These kids have trouble writing, and you want them to blog?!?” So, what comes first, the writing […]

Blogging: Teaching Students How to Quality Comment


After co-presenting on blogging at EdcampNYCand then bloggingabout the significance of student work being made public, I have heard lots of conversation and questions regarding how to teach students to comment on each other’s blog posts. In this area, one of the resources that has guided me is the work of Silvia Tolisano. Nonetheless…The last […]