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This Ain’t Your Mama’s PD!

Professional development has changed drastically, for the better, since I began my career. Long gone are the days of “sit and get, one size fits all” pd. Thank goodness! Professional development is more personalized with teachers taking control and leading it often. The tenets of high quality professional development include: Job embedded Ongoing Opportunities for […]

Literature Offers Lessons for the Heart As Well As the Head


When teachers assign student reading, it’s not usually the social-emotional domain that’s the focus of the activity. But if we’re to address the whole child, we have to be aware that books have an impact on students’ hearts as well as their heads. That’s the focus of an article titled “Literature’s Emotional Lessons,” written by […]

When Teachers Want Professional Development Hours


A few weeks ago I was notified that a couple of teachers were looking to engage in a book study as part of their required yearly professional development hours. These teachers wanted a book recommendation… Yes, some argue there are several problems with an hours-based approach to professional development. However, in this instance, I believe […]

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