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How to Improve Your Kids’ Critical Thinking


As a teacher, I often expect my students to think critically. If you’re a teacher I bet you expect the same. As a parent,you wish for your kids to be able to critically evaluate the choices an important situation offers to make the smart, most beneficial decision. I know I do and while I realize […]

Music Penetrates the Undefended Heart

Teachers, do you know the Mozart Rondo in A minor? Bach’s Cello Suite no. 1? Perhaps you, like many Americans, prefer to stick with what you know when you play music for children. It is certainly understandable. When I started teaching, I mostly played this music in my classroom because my undergraduate degree was in […]

6 Tech Trends Set to Reshape English Language Teaching


We may have come a long way since the days of filling the blackboard with Latin declensions, but the field of formal language teaching and learning is still relatively young. The demand for language instruction is surging: the British Council anticipates two billion people studying English by 2020—and that’s just English. While this field is […]

10 Secrets To Learning Anything


Remember the story of Icarus? Here’s my take… Icarus died, because his father Daedalus was a bad teacher. The youngster flew too close to the sun, causing the wax binding his wings to melt and his body experience terminal velocity before it hit the sea. But his father warned him! you may be thinking. He […]

Priming Your Students For Creativity (A Mind Control Infographic)


There is nothing wrong with your screen. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. I am controlling the image. I control the horizontal and I control the vertical. I can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next 10 minutes, sit quietly and I will control all […]

Bubble Discussions

I had the opportunity to listen to a keynote by Stephen Sroka last week. At one point, Dr. Sroka took out a little bottle of bubbles, took a deep breath, and blew bubbles into the audience. He took three breaths and blew bubble three times to simulate relaxation breathing. I sat there thinking that I […]

How To Keep Lesson Design Simple, But Powerful


It’s simple really. Use the Power of Three when designing lessons. The Power of Three (also called the Rule of Three) is the idea that when we group things in threes they are more doable, more memorable, and more fun. It helps me keep things simple, but powerful. In this blog, I want to show […]

“It’s Always Been Done This Way”

1950s schoolchildren sitting at desks 777x388

One of my least favorite sentences in the entire universe is some version of “It’s always been done this way.” Just by typing it I can feel my blood pressure rise! Why, I wonder, would anyone find that to be a suitable response to any question? In my opinion, it’s not a reasonable explanation for […]

Hey Students: Schools Are Dead


… but learning isn’t. I wrote my first book, Crush School: Every Student’s Guide To Killing It In The Classroom after realizing that most interesting education books are written for adults, and the ones students are forced to use in class mostly suck. They’re not just uninteresting. They are dull and written in some weird […]

Please Call The Cops ‘Cause You’re Killing Your Students!


Cognitive Overload. Unfortunately, we do that a lot. We often overwhelm students with information when we present it to them. What’s worse, we teach them to do the same to others when they present. We are killing them. Well… We’re killing their learning… So, it is only fair we call the police on ourselves… Or […]

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