Blend Like a PIRATE


I had been sailing on a clear course for about 13 years before I decided to drastically change course for blended learning. I’ve been on this blended learning course for about two and a half years now. I thought I had prepared well for my change in course, but there were many times early on […]

Make Vocabulary Fun with Digital Breakouts

Engaging students in vocabulary review is challenging. Here is a strategy for using digital breakouts to make vocabulary review fun and challenging. Step One: Build aQuizlet deck. Quizlet is a great tool for making vocabulary flash cards. TheQuizlet Livefeature is another fun way to review vocabulary with students. Step Two: Click on “Test.” The Quizlet […]

Did You Send Out the Invites?


Do you send out invites to your parties, or do you just hope people hear about them through word of mouth and just show up? Unless you still live at a college frat house, chances are you send out invites. The invitations are an important part to any successful party. Without them, people don’t know […]

TeachMeet: Changing the Education Game

Another packed room for the Dirty 30 v.4.0! I’ll admit it – I’m anedcampjunkie. I love spending my own time on weekends or using my vacation days to go learn something new about what’s happening in schools. I’m passionate about my craft, 24/7. Kyle Calderwood kicks off #tmnj16 Over the years, theedcampmovement has exploded, but […]

Engage Students with Digital BreakoutEDU

There is something magic that happens when school becomes something other than, “question-correct answer-repeat.” One strategy to break out of that pattern, engage students, and get them problem-solving is BreakoutEDU. Teachers can also create web-based breakoutsor Digital BreakoutEDU. What is BreakoutEDU? Based on escape rooms, BreakoutEDU, created by Mark Hammons and James Sanders, involves students […]

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