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Are Cultural Changes Changing Child Development?

Child Development

Traditionally, we have seen characteristic differences in the developing motor skills of boys and girls – usually evident beginning in early childhood. Boys tend to be ahead of girls in skills that emphasize power and force. By the time boys are 5, they can jump a longer distance, throw a ball farther, and run faster. […]

Building Forts… Building Memories


The best fun I’ve had recently was building a fort with my five year old grandson, Indy. We went down to the family room in his house and gathered every available couch cushion, pillow, blanket, and chair. Then, we added a couple fabric tunnels belonging to his little brother, for an entrance and exit. Inside, […]

“What Did You Do at Preschool Today?” “Nothing.”

CanWE Talk

When I was teaching preschool, I was often asked by parents how to get some information out of their children about their day. Most of the time, when asked, “What did you do today?” parents would get one of two answers: “I played” or “Nothing.” And, no matter how much they pumped for more information, […]

Looking For Indicators of a Quality Preschool Program? Here’s the Top 7


For a parent, choosing just the right preschool program can be daunting and overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider, first and foremost being the needs of the particular child. When embarking on this quest, it is critical to put some priorities in order. Sure it’s important for a program to provide opportunities […]

Minimum Educational Requirements for CDA Applicants: Yes? No? Maybe So?


Very prominently, in the Council’s CDA Competency Standards books, listed as the very first requirement for earning a CDA: High School Education: “You must have a valid high school diploma to apply for the CDA. A GED or enrollment as a junior or senior in a high school career/technical program in early childhood education is […]

The Top 6 Reasons Why Preschool Children Act That Way Sometimes


When preschool children display poor behavior, we often try to figure out the cause so we can support better social skills. But this can be frustrating. Some children are consistently misbehaving, while others have sporadic episodes and meltdowns. I’ve found that by taking some time to observe, I can usually pin the behavior on one […]

Back When… Some Things were Still Important


Having grown up in the 1950’s, I can see many differences in teaching philosophies, expectations, family attitudes towards education, and the way children viewed school.I had a lot of interaction with my teachers, especially in elementary school. This actually seems surprising now, since all of our classrooms had one teacher (no aides) and at least […]

Technology for Young Children… A Serious Responsibility


You can’t deny it. Technology is part of life in our society… more so every day. It changes the way we communicate, socialize, conduct business, and handle daily tasks. Children need to be prepared to function in this type of society. We ease them into it with the software we choose and the time we […]

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Child in Your Program


Recently, I saw a blog post headline entitled, “8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child.” The hook got me (of course) because, as a mother, I was immediately curious to see whether I had been guilty of saying any of them. There were, I admit, a couple I probably had, but fortunately I […]

How to Choose the Best CDA Professional Development Specialist


When the new CDA 2.0 process launched, the roles of the CDA Advisor and the CDA Council Representative merged into one, new position– the Professional Development Specialist… or PD Specialist, as it is commonly called. The tasks that were formerly completed during several visits by two individuals are now accomplished by one person at one […]

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