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Time for a “YOU” Turn… Taking Care of Yourself as an Early Childhood Educator


Let’s face it… As care providers– in either Early Childhood programs or as parents, it often becomes natural to neglect our own needs. We use up all our time making sure the children in our care are happy and cared for, sometimes at the expense of adequate sleep, nutrition, and emotional well-being. It isn’t until […]

Child-focused Activities: Lesson Plans That Matter


Is it that time of the month? No, I mean is it time to think about lesson plans and activities for the upcoming weeks? How is this accomplished with YOUR staff? For many, it’s a matter of going to the file cabinet and thumbing through folders until the appropriate month is found. Ah-ha… October! Fall. […]

I Am a Professional… Hear Me Roar!


One of the biggest complaints most early care and education professionals have is the lack of respect for what they do. They are responsible for our youngest and most vulnerable children, whose bodies and brains are developing at an astounding rate… more so than at any time in their lives, except for, perhaps, prenatally. And […]

Supporting Infant Mental Health… It’s Everyone’s Responsibility


Ordinarily, we don’t usually think of infants when the term “mental health” comes to mind. But rather, we think about adolescents or adults as those most likely to be affected. However, research tells us that today’s society presents substantial risks to the mental health of all people, even our very youngest. Think for a moment […]

Remembering to be the Parent


Ok, it’s true. Parenting is a lot of work and a never ending job. I know. I am one. However, it is one of the most important jobs we will ever have. How the next generation turns out depends on how well we perform the tasks at hand. But, there is no manual; no ring […]

Everyday Moments That Mean Something to a Child


Children are hugely impacted by the relationships they have with others. Obviously, the most influence is from those with whom the child has a close, emotional bond or attachment… like Mom or Dad. But other people in his life can make a big impression, as well. I’m sure we can all think about somebody in […]

Beach Balls or Raw Eggs? Sharing Sensitive Information with Parents


Taking good, objective notes during observations is critical for documenting behaviors and development. A fair number of these to share at conference time can really make a difference. When approaching parents with a problem behavior or a concern about development, it is far easier to do so when you have a series of documented observations […]

“Wait Until YOU Get Alex Next Year!” How to Handle Unsolicited Gossip about Children and Families in your Program


Regardless of whether it’s a family child care or a center-based program, human nature dictates the tendency for breaking the code of confidentiality in order to share a juicy tidbit with co-workers. Maybe it’s something overheard in the hallway or a parent has confided an issue at home that may surely have repercussions on her […]

Setting Goals and Making Changes


As Early Childhood professionals, we need to be constantly looking ahead and staying ahead. Research continues to provide new insight into the growth and development of young children. This, in turn, impacts how we can best approach caring for and teaching them. Oftentimes, working in the profession for a number of years creates a plateau […]

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