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Show Me the “No Excuses” Early Childhood Education Student!

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“I just have to pass this course! I’m sending you some assignments I forgot to do at the beginning of the semester and I hope you’ll accept them This has been a horrible semester, with my aunt passing away and my Internet not working. And then, I got the flu at midterm and …” These […]

8 Things We Should Learn from Young Children

So much uneasiness and so many serious events in the news. Pondering it all took me to a different place. It just seemed to be a good time for a change of direction. The focus always seems to be on what we can teach our youngest contingent. Let’s turn things around, shall we? What are […]

Strong-willed Children… Under Our Thumb or Thumbs Up?

I guess my feelings about these children come from the fact that I had one. Referring to them as “strong-willed” sets one on the defensive right away. And, I’ve heard other terms that trigger the same reaction, including “stubborn,” obstinate,” and “headstrong.” Instead, how about “determined” or “tenacious” or even “free-spirited”? These have a more […]

Are We Focusing on Children’s Strengths… Or Have We Forgotten How?

Sometimes, when in a room full of young children every day, it becomes easy to start comparing them with each other and focusing on the things some children don’t do as well as others. Or, the children start to appear as a group, as they interact with the environment. Seeing the unique, individuality of children […]

Trying to Encourage a Preschooler’s Writing Skills? Stop Doing What You’ve Been Doing!

Two weeks ago, I visited one of my student teachers in a room of young three’s. I noticed one of the activities on a table was tracing their printed names on strips of paper with pencils. During most of my hour there, I also noticed that only two of the thirteen children chose this activity, […]

Keepsake Imaging or Keeping Baby Safe?

Research pointing to risks associated, some specific to Autism, with early ultrasound scans. Yet another study, this one published this month by the University of Washington in Seattle. We’ve heard about this before… back in 2007 and again in 2014. It was brushed off as inconclusive and nothing for concern. But, apparently, not for a […]

Is Teacher Education Failing Our Early Childhood Care Providers?

NAEYC’s vision for our profession is one that “exemplifies excellenceand is recognized as vital and performing a critical role in society” (NAEYC, 2015). In order to fulfill that vision, we need to make darn sure those in this profession obtain quality and appropriate training. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. This is especially true […]

Why Preschool Matters to Kindergartners

As I paused at a stoplight across from the local elementary school this morning, I saw a familiar sight that brought back memories… Carpool line. Moms and dads giving last minute hugs and kisses and straightening backpacks. First day of Kindergarten! Some drove out of the school lot and on their way. Others pulled into […]

15 Ways to Describe a Four-Year-Old

After spending this past weekend with a delightful gaggle of four-year-olds, and given the fact that I have not been in the classroom teaching that age for quite a few years now, I was reminded what a great age it is. They’ve passed the terrible two’s and the challenging three’s, with the ever-present push for […]

If Only We Take Time to Listen.


This is still a hard story to tell, not because it doesn’t end well, but because it brings back difficult times for me. But, it’s worth telling, so educators might take something away worth keeping… just in case. Quite a few years ago, my College initiated a dual credit, Early Childhood program at a local […]

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