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Testing Young Children… At What Expense- and Why?


This is a very interesting topic, especially in light of the expectations our Department of Education makes on schools and teachers, even as far down as preschool. Children are given a Kindergarten Readiness test and this will often determine whether or not a child will enter Kindergarten or be required to stay out a year. […]

I Have to Write a Professional Philosophy Statement for my CDA? YIKES!


Because you are committed to your work with young children, the Council wants to know about your philosophy of caring for and educating them. Start out by asking yourself what you believe about young children… what are their needs and how do they learn best? How do you meet these needs and provide for optimal […]

Child-focused Activities: Lesson Plans That Matter


Is it that time of the month? No, I mean is it time to think about lesson plans and activities for the upcoming weeks? How is this accomplished with YOUR staff? For many, it’s a matter of going to the file cabinet and thumbing through folders until the appropriate month is found. Ah-ha… October! Fall. […]

Investing in Collaborative Caregiving


When a child enrolls in our program, he is not an isolated entity. Also enrolling is her family. Remember, this child has been spending the majority of her time with them. The bond between them has formed the basis for what will come next. The family is the child’s first teacher and much has already […]

Supporting Infant Mental Health… It’s Everyone’s Responsibility


Ordinarily, we don’t usually think of infants when the term “mental health” comes to mind. But rather, we think about adolescents or adults as those most likely to be affected. However, research tells us that today’s society presents substantial risks to the mental health of all people, even our very youngest. Think for a moment […]

A Halloween Costume?… in January? Really?


Have you ever had a parent bring his child into your early childhood program inappropriately dressed? The parent then sighs a deep sigh. “Can you please see that she gets these clothes on? She just wouldn’t get dressed this morning.” Or, how about the child who brings in his favorite toy and the rules are […]

“Wait Until YOU Get Alex Next Year!” How to Handle Unsolicited Gossip about Children and Families in your Program


Regardless of whether it’s a family child care or a center-based program, human nature dictates the tendency for breaking the code of confidentiality in order to share a juicy tidbit with co-workers. Maybe it’s something overheard in the hallway or a parent has confided an issue at home that may surely have repercussions on her […]

The CDA Exam… How Does It Work?


The computer-generated CDA Exam is taken at a Pearson VUE Testing Center. A location near you can be found by using the Pearson VUE Website at: You can make your appointment online or by calling 1-866-507-5627. If you will require special accommodations related to a disability, you will need to locate and download a […]

Preparing for Your CDA Observation by the PD Specialist? What about a Self-Study?

manyWhat’s in It for Me? How Does a Self-Study Work? Rate each Indicator a 3, 2, or 1, with 1 being the lowest. For every item you rate below a 3, make a note in the margin of the specific issue, your plan to remedy it, and who might be able to help you. When […]

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