It’s Better Outside… Seriously!


Summer- a time when the lure of sedentary, screen-focused activities seems irresistible to most kids. And, parents frequently acquiesce due to scary media about what lurks outside the door… sun overexposure, itchy plants and bugs, dirt, and more! But, let’s get real. Of course, we need to take some necessary precautions, like wearing sunscreen and […]

Infants and Toddlers and Divorce – Oh My! How Much Do They Know?

The impact of divorce is mostly discussed in terms of school-age children and teens. It is often the assumption that children under 3, having fewer verbal skills and perhaps understanding, will be affected less (or at all!) by a domestic split than their older counterparts. But, is this really true? Don’t count on it. A […]

Overmedicating Preschoolers… It’s Something to Think About.

This morning, I visited the child care program where one of my summer semester students has been placed for her practicum. It’s a room of twelve four-year-olds. I have known the supervising teacher for a number of years and we often exchange ideas and concerns. Today, she asked me to step outside the classroom to […]

Bringing Up Strong, Self-Reliant Girls

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I was one of the lucky ones. I had a mother who was strong, self-reliant, and compassionate. I watched her and what I learned has helped me in my life, my career, and my relationships with others. I don’t have any daughters to pay it forward, but there are elements of what I took from […]

Why Teaching Math to Preschoolers Makes Sense


There are a couple good reasons to develop early math skills that can’t be ignored. We know that many children, especially those from low income and minority groups, experience math challenges in school. We also know that preschool children possess surprisingly complex abilities that are expressed through everyday activities. It only makes sense to capitalize […]

How Can We Help Parents Understand the Importance of Messy Play?


I was at the park this afternoon with my neighbor’s four year old granddaughter, Abby. My own grandchildren are in Denver, so I often borrow some to enjoy! It had rained and everything was pretty soaked. But, it was only a short walk and we cut through the grass. “I like the sound my feet […]

Understanding the Importance of Rituals for Young Children


Yesterday morning, I was visiting one of my students in the classroom where she was doing her student teaching. It was at the tail end of drop-off time and I asked her to join me in watching what was unfolding before us. One by one, parent and child entered the room and proceeded to engage […]

Superhero Play? Not in MY Classroom!


There are many Early Childhood programs that outright ban superhero play. It’s just too risky, noisy, and difficult to control. End of conversation. But, should it really be the end of the conversation? Are there elements of superhero play that are truly valuable and therefore need to be included as part of the preschool experience? […]

Minimum Educational Requirements for CDA Applicants: Yes? No? Maybe So?


Very prominently, in the Council’s CDA Competency Standards books, listed as the very first requirement for earning a CDA: High School Education: “You must have a valid high school diploma to apply for the CDA. A GED or enrollment as a junior or senior in a high school career/technical program in early childhood education is […]

Testing Young Children… At What Expense- and Why?


This is a very interesting topic, especially in light of the expectations our Department of Education makes on schools and teachers, even as far down as preschool. Children are given a Kindergarten Readiness test and this will often determine whether or not a child will enter Kindergarten or be required to stay out a year. […]

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