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Goodbye House: A Story About Moving

So go figure. I find everything else but the missing socks. Where do those socks go, anyway? Now that I finally tossed the odd ones, will the mates turn up? I’ve never been so organized as since I moved into this tiny (to me) house, used to bigger spaces and maybe grander places. But for […]

Having Fun While Working Hard


Recently, I read a quote from Hyman Rickover. Rickover was an admiral in the United States Navy. A Russian immigrant, he is the father of nuclear propulsion. Admiral Rickover was known as a workaholic. He never considered himself smart, only those around him dumb. Looking forward, the United States education system worried him a great […]

Jump In and Swim!


I nearly drowned as a second grader! A couple of the other kids had their arms around our coach as she walked closer to the deep end of the pool. I followed closely behind her. But before I knew it, I could no longer bob up and down and touch the bottom of the pool […]

Change Management: #Engage109 Represents 2nd-Order Change

change management1

“Life begins at the end ofyour comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch My work as a school leader brings me to change management often. From graduate school, to post doctoral leadership programs I have received a great deal of information about change management. Often I use a graphic from the Satir Model of change to […]

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