There’s Still Time To Make a Change!


Whether you’re heading back to school, coming off a holiday break, or maybe you’re smack dab in the middle of a school year, I know it’s easy to feel “locked in” and unable to make any changes. This is fairly common. As the stress of the year increases, it feels like it gets harder and […]

Commitment to Change


When I first decided to run for Congress, I remember who I went to for input. Surprisingly, it was not my friends and family (besides my wife!); instead, it was the educators that I have worked with over the last ten years. Not just those I have worked with in schools, but those in my […]



My college education was earned one dime at a time. I was fortunate to be able to attend the university on an academic scholarship supplemented with a government grant. In turn, this was supplemented by my father’s paycheck already stretched to support a family of seven kids. This allowed me to stay at home and […]

Goodbye House: A Story About Moving

So go figure. I find everything else but the missing socks. Where do those socks go, anyway? Now that I finally tossed the odd ones, will the mates turn up? I’ve never been so organized as since I moved into this tiny (to me) house, used to bigger spaces and maybe grander places. But for […]

Jump In and Swim!


I nearly drowned as a second grader! A couple of the other kids had their arms around our coach as she walked closer to the deep end of the pool. I followed closely behind her. But before I knew it, I could no longer bob up and down and touch the bottom of the pool […]

Our Future First


If you follow me onTwitter,Instagram, orFacebook, chances are you have seen my usage of #OurFutureFirst, but what does it mean? What and who does it apply to? Why am I using it when posting about political, global, and educational issues? What is the point? I came up with the phrase “Our Future First” when discussing […]

Addressing Equity – Opportunity – Acceleration for All #Engage109


“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential.” – Winston Churchill In the Deerfield Public Schools, District 109, we have decided to make a change to mathematics program delivery models starting in the 2017-18 school year in the 6th grade. We are going to eliminate “regular math” and offer “accelerated […]

On the Mend

needle and thread

It’s been an interesting November and December. While I have been truly blessed with my family, my career, and my traveling, I took a rare step. I did something for myself early in November. I had gastric bypass surgery. This surgery has been a long time in the making. For most of my life, I’ve […]

No Time For Change


Do this. Do that. Constant Haste. No time to waste. This is serious! No time for play. No time to fail and try again. Is there enough time to learn? Little time to talk To all those we should. We’d all learn together. We could do more good. What’s the hurry? Why the rush? What […]