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Give Toddlers Developmentally Appropriate Programs

In a college student’s observation of toddler child care, a teacher is described as making toddlers sit still on mats. The fifteen-month old little boy in the circle keeps taking his mat out from under his bottom and playing with it. His teacher insists he use his mat appropriately, saying, “No, no, no. We put […]

Jobs for Kids: Creating Community Through Meaningful Work

Jobs for kids! What a thought!It conjures up images of assembly lines with children chained, or at least velcroed to their seats. Not a pleasant, or even, legal image. Children are beautiful, full of life and fun. They are creative people with amazing minds. Why should parents and teachers yoke them to responsibilities aside from […]

What Parents Need to Know

Young children are the mensches of the world. (in Yiddish, a Mensch is a Good Person. Someone who does the honorable thing.) They don’t know that their future depends upon teachers whounderstand child development. but they believe that adults are their guideposts, their role models, their wise ones. If an adult gives them a worksheet […]

Teaching Table Manners to Preschoolers: When Did It Go Out of Style?

bad table manners

I had a couple encounters recently that really got me thinking about how we are teaching social skills to young children- or not. I was visiting a couple of my students at their child care programs, which I sometimes do, prior to their formal CDA observations. The first visit was in a 2’s room, with […]

Play-Based vs. Activity-Based Summer Day Camp

This is my first summer without home-based childcare. Although I work from home, keeping my seven-year-old, only child daughter home with me is not a good option because she is (as previously described on my blog) not very good at entertaining herself. I have work that I need to do, and I certainly don’t want […]

So…Outdoor Play at Child Care Centers Is Optional? Huh?

swing set

On my way to work, I pass no fewer than 6 child care centers. As my life revolves around Early Childhood and young children, I am always interested in seeing what’s happening in programs in the community. It had been puzzling to me, no matter the weather or time of day, how few children I […]

Play: How Can We Do Better?


Facebook is awash with fantastic memes about the necessity of play in early childhood. I adore seeing them. I also feel some anxiousness because I have noticed that, in a play-based program, five- year old children aren’t playing like five-year old children anymore. More of them are playing like three’s and four’s than I used […]

Looking For Indicators of a Quality Preschool Program? Here’s the Top 7


For a parent, choosing just the right preschool program can be daunting and overwhelming. There are a lot of things to consider, first and foremost being the needs of the particular child. When embarking on this quest, it is critical to put some priorities in order. Sure it’s important for a program to provide opportunities […]

Outdoor Music


What do you do to bring music outside in your preschool or child care program? I mean, if you don’t have donors flooding you with money? The photo above is of a hammock-style xylophone made by a father at my last center. He made it out of old bed slats. It is a great example […]

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