Child Development

Why Are Logical Consequences Such a Foreign Concept?

Recently I had the unique experience of being interviewed by a middle school student. Jacob had found me on the Internet because he was researching recess and wanted to ask some questions for his project. Of course, recess is one of my favorite topics so I agreed to give him some time. What I didn’t […]

4 Things I’m NOT Saying When I Speak About Developmentally Appropriate Practice


When I get the chance to speak to groups about DAP I cover a lot of ground. I talk about things like: The importance of respecting childhood, the developmental process, and individual learners. The critical nature of appropriate, foundational early learning experiences. The danger of shifting perceptions and expectations for children in early childhood, in […]

Every Moment Counts


The measure of a school’s worth is directly associated with the quantity and quality of the connections between the adults and the children who share the building on a daily basis. Students are more likely to flourish as learners when they know they are appreciated, supported, and loved by the teachers and other staff members […]

Let’s Stop Kidding Ourselves, Active Outdoor Play Matters!

Will we ever be able to stop justifying the value of children’s active outdoor play? I think not. This will be an endless push by Early Childhood professionals, as our society continues its march into a technology-driven lifestyle. I was again reminded of this recently when Rae Pica posted an image of an exercise bike […]

Because I Love You


This happens every time! She cooks and then she leaves the kitchen and the surrounding area a mess. Then I have to be the bad guy and remind her to clean it up. I do like that she loves to cook and to be honest she is quite good at it. Well yesterday she made […]

8 Things We Should Learn from Young Children

So much uneasiness and so many serious events in the news. Pondering it all took me to a different place. It just seemed to be a good time for a change of direction. The focus always seems to be on what we can teach our youngest contingent. Let’s turn things around, shall we? What are […]

Watch Out for Performance Hang-Ups in Early Childhood


A few years ago, the Gesell Institute, named for developmental pioneer Dr. Arnold Gesell, decided to test the premise that kids today develop more quickly than they used to. They took the developmental norms established by the work of Dr. Gesell in the 1940s and launched a three year study concluding in 2010 to gauge […]

[ Suhm-pin ]


You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery I know it is coming soon. It’s simply the natural progression of things. But I am not looking forward to it. As of today, November 11, 2016, my five-year old son still pronounces the word something like this [ Suhm-pin […]

Strong-willed Children… Under Our Thumb or Thumbs Up?

I guess my feelings about these children come from the fact that I had one. Referring to them as “strong-willed” sets one on the defensive right away. And, I’ve heard other terms that trigger the same reaction, including “stubborn,” obstinate,” and “headstrong.” Instead, how about “determined” or “tenacious” or even “free-spirited”? These have a more […]



When something is broken we try to fix it. Oftentimes, if the damage isn’t too bad, then we are successful. This is true with things. It is not true with people. And yet we go about our days constantly trying to fix the children that we serve. When really we should be focusing on making […]

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