Child Development

Are We Focusing on Children’s Strengths… Or Have We Forgotten How?

Sometimes, when in a room full of young children every day, it becomes easy to start comparing them with each other and focusing on the things some children don’t do as well as others. Or, the children start to appear as a group, as they interact with the environment. Seeing the unique, individuality of children […]

Letter of the Week and Calendar Time: Should You Let Them Go?

Letter of the week A

Letter of the week and daily calendar are well-known staples of circle time in early childhood education. But there are many experts in the field who feel they’re a waste of time and should be banished. So, what if they have no real value to young children? That idea gets a lot of pushback from […]

A Guidance Matching Game

classroom management

Discipline. Behavior management. Guidance. Whatever you call it, there is no topic that early childhood teachers want to talk about more, in my experience as a trainer and mentor, than what to do when children “won’t listen.” I spent several years trying to come up with new and more insightful ways to talk to teachers […]

Playful Teaching: School Is Supposed To Be Fun


I recently started reading the book Playful Parenting by Dr. Lawrence J. Cohen, a psychologist from Massachusetts. In his book, the author talks about teaching rather than punishing our kids. He claims, and I must admit that it makes a lot of sense to me, that we can best achieve that through “Playful Parenting.” Playful […]

But They Need to Learn to….

circle time

“Heather, I think this is the first time that I’ve encountered a center that doesn’t request children to ‘sit’ when in group. I understand the philosophy, but children also need to learn that by sitting while in a large group, others are given a better ability to see what is going on. I’ll have to […]

15 Ways to Describe a Four-Year-Old

After spending this past weekend with a delightful gaggle of four-year-olds, and given the fact that I have not been in the classroom teaching that age for quite a few years now, I was reminded what a great age it is. They’ve passed the terrible two’s and the challenging three’s, with the ever-present push for […]

Digital Devices in the Early Childhood Classroom


I recently had the honor of participating in a Studentcentricity podcast episode hosted by the talented Rae Pica. I joined Warren Buckleitner, founder of the Children’s Technology Reiview, and author, professor, and early childhood education expert Diane Levin to discuss the hot topic of digital devices in Early Childhood learning environments. The following are my […]

Are Cultural Changes Changing Child Development?

Child Development

Traditionally, we have seen characteristic differences in the developing motor skills of boys and girls – usually evident beginning in early childhood. Boys tend to be ahead of girls in skills that emphasize power and force. By the time boys are 5, they can jump a longer distance, throw a ball farther, and run faster. […]

Breaking Sticks: Life Lessons From A 2 Year Old


Adam’s little feet were scampering on the sidewalk as only a two-year-old’s feet can as I quickly followed to keep pace with him. As soon as he saw his first stick that day he stopped, picked it up, looked at me excitedly and shouted: “Mam patyk tata!” (I have a stick daddy!). He’s my kind […]

Play: How Can We Do Better?


Facebook is awash with fantastic memes about the necessity of play in early childhood. I adore seeing them. I also feel some anxiousness because I have noticed that, in a play-based program, five- year old children aren’t playing like five-year old children anymore. More of them are playing like three’s and four’s than I used […]

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