Child Development

What Do The Children Deserve?


Envision a world filled with happy children who are eager to learn, are healthy, feel confident in their abilities, have well developed language abilities, strong math and reading skills, are creative and curious, get along with other children, are physically fit and active, and are self disciplined. Picture all of these children developing into adults […]

Where’s the joy and authentic learning in worksheets?

kindergarten worksheet

A teacher wrote to me recently to say she’d just spent a week subbing in a public school kindergarten classroom where worksheets were used every day, all day, for every subject. She reported that the kids were “bored, tired, and unable to focus” and that there were quite a few behavior issues. Shocking, right? Not! […]

Listening Between the Lines


I recently woke up and realized that over the last eight years I’ve been a fly on the wall in over 2,500 discussions between some of the most thoughtful, passionate and fascinating educators in the nation–from wildly influential thought leaders like Sir Ken Robinson, Diane Ravitch, Randi Weingarten, and Secretary Arne Duncan to the next […]

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