The Real Dangers of Childhood: How Do We Help People See Them?

Overprotective Parent 650x325

“I walked or biked to school for years, but my children don’t. I worry about the road. I worry about strangers. You can start to imagine evil on every corner. I do think they’re missing out. But I like to be able to see them, to know where they are and what they are doing,”stated […]

Family Glamping, A Lesson in Love


I had an extraordinary day yesterday. Did you? And I can hardly wait to tell you what happened. You be the judge. Here in America, the Labor Day holiday weekend is an end of summer opportunity to reflect and make observations about past and future. Lessons always surround us when we watch, listen and learn. […]

Just One More Square


i have been looking forward to this all day. you are going to love this story. you wait. but the paper you laid on my desk is not big enough. i need more please. i ask to draw on the back. but you tell me i can’t. that no one will see what is on […]

8 Things We Should Learn from Young Children

So much uneasiness and so many serious events in the news. Pondering it all took me to a different place. It just seemed to be a good time for a change of direction. The focus always seems to be on what we can teach our youngest contingent. Let’s turn things around, shall we? What are […]

[ Suhm-pin ]


You become responsible forever for what you have tamed. The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery I know it is coming soon. It’s simply the natural progression of things. But I am not looking forward to it. As of today, November 11, 2016, my five-year old son still pronounces the word something like this [ Suhm-pin […]

She Ran Home


A fictional piece about … Tonight she was ahead of schedule. Soccer practice lasted a little longer than usual. But she was able to shower and eat dinner by 8. This gave her four hours to finsih her homework and study for the three AP exams she had the next day. Her alarm went off […]

The Joy of Boys


Boys bring a certain level of verve to any setting. Day or night, they are ready for action and movement. Boys have a natural curiosity that fuels their hunger for learning about their wonderful world. They instinctively want to experience their environments in a kinesthetic fashion and are never truly satisfied with a “because I […]

What’s a Report Card?


It was the second time in two days that my son had asked this question. And each time it made us smile. He honestly had no idea. We had simply asked him where it was because we knew they were coming home soon. We weren’t concerned or worried. He doesn’t know. He really doesn’t know. […]

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