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Teaching with Chronic Illness Survival Tip: Get Help Staying Organized

get organized

*Evernote. True, there are tons of good note-taking apps out there now, and you might find that a different app works better for your style, but few come close to the power of Evernote. You can try it for free before deciding whether or not to pay for a higher level, and many find that […]

Chronic Illness and Self-Care: Arts, Crafts, and Music Can Help

art materials

One of the side effects of teaching is that we often give up our hobbies, our crafts, even our art for our job. Our jobs are so overwhelming that we often sacrifice our music, our art thinking we don’t have time for it, not with needing to make another parent phone call or write another […]

Teaching with Chronic Illness: Denial Isn’t Always Bad


When we get a major diagnosis, even if it’s one we’ve been expecting, there is always a certain amount of denial, at least at first. Okay, the denial can last longer than just at first. Just when we think we have come to terms with everything, denial sneaks up on us, and we find ourselves […]