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Rethinking the Learning Space

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Over the years I have read and discussed learning environments with a wide variety of educators. Teachers bringing in flexible seating, balls, couches, and standing tables all to create an atmosphere in which kids can be comfortable and enjoy the learning process. Then something happened … my Principal, Mr Sears (@JSAPrincipal),went to see Ron Clark […]

Learning Spaces

A new school year is upon us and all the chats are gearing up for it with their traditional “Learning Spaces” chat where all the participants will say what they are going to do to make their spaces awesome … complete with pictures of couches … murals … reading nooks … bean bags .. multi-purpose […]

If These Walls Could Talk: 5 Keys To Classroom Decoration

simple truth: Learning is more powerful when those involved have ownership. research tells us: As the sun begins to set on the summer, and a new school year approaches, teachers can be found working hard in schools to prepare their classrooms to welcome a new group of students. Deliberate preparation and excellent educators go hand-in-hand. […]

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