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Rethinking Classroom Design, Fad, Fact or Fancy?

Do You think Classroom Design and Flexible Seating is Turning Into a Fad? First, let me say I hope you know I am non-competitive, I deeply believe teachers are good at heart, action researchers, leaders, expert at art and craft of teaching. Teachers manage to do a myriad of tasks throughout the day and then […]

“Hey Teacher!”…and Why You Should Never Hear That Again

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You’ve probably been there before. A student, frustrated with their hand in the airdecides it’s all of a sudden ok to yell across the room”Hey Teacher!”(they might use your name, but you get the point). There’s a good chance this isn’t a rare occurrence in your classroom. You’re awesome, so you probablymanage your classroomwell and […]

Reimagining Learning Spaces with Design Thinking: #HackingPBL

Before I left the classroom a few years ago, there were a few items on my bucket list I never got to accomplish (and I would have accomplished them had I taught for just one more year)…One of these missed opportunities was a complete redesign of my classroom. You see, the final year I taught […]

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