Vital Techniques for Developing a Student’s Public Speaking Confidence

student public speaking

Public speaking is a skill every student develops–but not everyone does so with confidence. Although speaking publicly has become a notion that is scary in nature, teachers rarely express its use after graduation and beyond. Whether you are giving a toast to celebrate one’s success, or you take on a career role that implements speaking […]

Why I Left the Classroom

A difficult choice Leaving the classroom was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. Making the decision was one of the hardest I’ve ever made. Not only did I have to say goodbye to my colleagues, my administrators, and the mentors who had guided me throughout my career, but I had to leave […]

3 Classroom Seating Arrangments to Maximize Learning

When most people think of a classroom, they think of a format something like this: Students all at their own desks, all facing the teacher, who stands in front of or next to the blackboard, whiteboard, projector screen, etc. Does this look like your classroom? If it does, that’s OK. It’s been used for a […]

What Does Your Classroom Say?


During this Spring Break, I’ve been thinking about that kidney-shaped table in the back of my room. Designed to accommodate one teacher in the main groove and up to six students around the outside, that table has been in my classroom since the first day I taught fifth grade fifteen years ago. Truth be told, […]

Creating a Classroom Community: Part 1


A long time ago Inoticedthat one of the chief differences between a good teacher and a truly great teacher is the ability of a great teacher to build a classroom community where everyone is part of something larger than themselves. Students who are part of classroom communities feel safe, respected, comfortable, and engaged. The positive […]

The Science Notebook-A Personal Preference

What’s in a Science Notebook? There were a few moments as a new science teacher where I was stunned at how much thought I put into something that students didn’t bat an eye at. One such instance was arranging desks (we can tackle this in another post) and another was deciding on what system I […]

Learning Spaces

A new school year is upon us and all the chats are gearing up for it with their traditional “Learning Spaces” chat where all the participants will say what they are going to do to make their spaces awesome … complete with pictures of couches … murals … reading nooks … bean bags .. multi-purpose […]

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