Who’s the Boss? Getting To Yes!


Anything is Possible; Everything is Possible! We’re all just a bunch of bosses and cool ones, at that. We take turns leading and following. When we figure it out, we’re like reformed Minions, having a bunch of fun together. Every day is a celebration of learning and life. Culture is the name of the game […]

Relationships Over Rules…Teachers Matter Too


In the last several months we tackled the topic of relationships over rules in the world of students. You can read that post here. This time around, we’re diving into the world of relationships over rules with teachers. As a second year administrator, I (Brent) have a lot still to learn about how to best […]

It’s Not Just A Children’s Book


Many of us in the field of education have at some time or another encountered Shel Silverstein’s hilarious poems. There is no doubt that he has brought joy to many children and adults alike through his silly and wacky humor. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading Silverstein’s poems to my classes and my daughter, my favorite […]

5 Reasons Why Coaches Make the Best Teachers


It’s no secret that countless students eagerly wait for the final bell to ring—not to go home, but to play a team sport. Why is that, and how could we get students to show similar enthusiasm for learning during the actual school day? Great coaches have an edge when it comes to inspiring today’s youth […]

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