It’s Up to Us: Bridging the Distance between Home and School


While you may not see them, the parents or guardians of your students are in your classroom every day. As the primary caregivers of your students, they influence how your students think, feel, and react. Even though the ideal parent or guardian would be informed and supportive while providing a stable home environment and supervising […]

Empowering Student Collaboration Skills

Why Teach and Coach Collaboration? Collaboration is an important 21st Century skill that is of critical need for our students as the future participants of industry, entrepreneurial opportunities, education, and government. Collaboration is a valuable commodity that in its appearance seems more art than science, when the opposite is just as true. Partnership for 21st […]

The Mouse King: Of Mice and Math


What would you do if you found six mice in your home? How would you react? How many do you think would be in your home if you found six? Just six? More than six? How about 72. That’s right, 72. The other week I was at Home Depot waiting in the holiday lines to […]

Education Is Like a Three-Legged Stool

Anyone who has worked with me can attest to the mantra I believe wholeheartedly: “Education is like a three legged stool. The school is one leg, the student is another, and the parents are the third. It takes all legs holding up their load for the stool to stand.” All legs have an equal responsibility, […]

Did You Send Out the Invites?


Do you send out invites to your parties, or do you just hope people hear about them through word of mouth and just show up? Unless you still live at a college frat house, chances are you send out invites. The invitations are an important part to any successful party. Without them, people don’t know […]

Distributive Leadership: Children Lead Me

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Who leads your teaching/learning? In education, I am a big fan of leading each other which is also known as distributive leadership. In the classroom, I typically let students lead me. I want to hear their ideas about how our classroom community can be better and the ways in which I may serve them well. […]

The Sound of Synergy


Encouragement Comes in All Forms. I was thinking this as my wife was sharing with me the highlights of her Body Attack Exercise Class as we were both leaving the YMCA. She shared with me how the instructor was a motivating force for each participant. Although the instructor was earnest and firm in her encouragement, […]

The Power of the (Informal) Peer Observation

classroom observation eye

A powerful professional development tool exists that may be underutilized in your school: Peer observations. That is, the practice of teachers observing teachers with the goal of improving their own teaching. When I started a new teaching position mid-year, peer observation played a crucial role in my integration because it gave me insight into the […]

Furniture in the Collaborative Classroom: Desks with Wheels May Be Overrated

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I loved the idea of desks with wheels. My lessons usually involve some combination of partner work, small-group work, whole-class discussion, inner circle/outer circle discussions, independent work. Movable desks seemed to make sense for this kind of collaborative practice. And I have noticed a few distinct benefits: It can be fun to push oneself around […]

4 Rules For Making Teamwork Work

Leaders such as a teachers, administrators, coaches, and supervisors are tasked with developing effective and efficient practices to increase the performance of the individuals they lead and their organization’s prestige. While there are many practices that lead to improvement, there is one that is vital to the very survival of any group or organization: Collaboration. […]

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